Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am officially no longer MORBIDLY OBESE! Even exacerbated asthma can't bum me out today!!!

Not my scale, just my weight
Tanita-san told me this today: 245.2

I got on the scale FOUR times, turning it on and off, to make sure. One of those times, it winked a 245.0 at me. I assume he was feeling playful and teasing me. The other three times: 245.2 .

I got my OMRON fat loss monitor. It said: "BMI = 39.6"

This jives exactly with the online one: 39.6

I am now categorized as "severely" obese.

Not so great, yes, but great, yes? Heh.

There was a point where I was more than half fat, percentage-wise. Today I'm 45.3. Down from 46.0 in October. Down 48.3 a year ago. Down from 51% in 2004.

It's been progress since that high-weight low point. But this year has been especially good. And this challenge has been especially motivating. Thanks, Allan.

I"m feeling unwell, which mitigates my celebration. It feels like a strong fella has his big mitts around my throat and is choking me. Breathing feels like someone plugged up my nose 80%. For those of you with asthma and allergies, you know what I mean. Energy is down as a result. I don't even feel like blogging.

But this is momentous for me, so I will.

I am really happy. So happy.

When I was 299 lbs (and maybe more, who knows, scales being scales and me not weighing constantly back then), this number seemed so far away. When I was struggling to get out of the 270's, which took me ages, this number seemed a distant dream. I haven't weighed this little since around 1999.

It's really nice to be here. And now I look forward to the 230's with hope. And 199 seems less impossible. Seems actually probable. Amazing what a milestone can do for one's confidence. Not to mention the most weight I had ever lost was 34 lbs. I've now lost a scosh less than 54. And I do not feel demotivated at all.

I do feel like crap physically at the moment. But I'm so, so happy!


Lanie Painie said...

welcome to the world of the severely obese! Next step: jolly obese. We can do it!

Princess Dieter said...

Jolly obese!hhahahahahah Well, "Just plain old overweight" seems ideal about now.

Gertie said...


FatAngryBlog said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am now looking forward to being "just overweight" as I slim myself away from the highest levels of obesity too!

Anne H said...

Very good indeed!
Even "Awesome!"

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

OH MY GOSH SINCE 1999!!!! So excited for you. What a joyful occasion. Congrats.

septembergrrrl said...

Yay, well done. I remember breathing a sigh of relief and awe as I climbed back down each 'rung' of BMI categorisation.

You're doing so well. ^_^

Kimberly said...

I am so sorry I missed this on Wednesday. It has been a tough week.


I am severely obese too.