Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 9 Double Dog Dare You Challenge: A "calorie savings account" opened early in the week, and look, I may need a withdrawal already!

Lots of water, lower carb, and 324 fewer calories than maintenance limit  equal a good number on the scale:


Back in the 240's, and 2/5ths of a pound away from the milestone of 50 pounds lost.

Okay, Day 9, Election Day. Allergies have me down--sap my strength, give me undereye circles cause my eyes itch and I rub (bad girl). Nose is stuffy. Throat is scratchy. Not looking forward to plowing through the allergens in the air to get to the polling place, but I will. I'm walking this  year. I drove every year I've lived in this neighborhood.

I didn't feel very hungry yesterday, so I could have stayed at 903 calories after lunch, but I decided to live up to the spirit of the challenge and eat dinner. Still stayed nicely below 1760, but I figure that bit of a "savings" will come in handy if I bobble in the weekend like I did Sunday. It's a bit of insurance.

I did notice that once again I had a larger than usual drop overnight the day after a near 40-30-30 eating pattern for the day. Yesterday was 42-30-28 (carbs-fat-protein).

So, on to today's food and water log:

2 eggs cooked in 2 tsp Smart Balance
2 slices Ezekiel bread
1 slice 2% Kraft American Cheese
1 cup fresh papaya
2 cups coffee
3 glasses of water (drank less so I'm not peeing pants at the polling place)

calories for breakfast: 522

WS Vanilla Shake
fiber supplement
2 glasses water

calories for snack: 110

LUNCH: sooo hungry. Made some calorically dense choices, so may need a bit of that buffer from yesterday.

1.25 roast chicken breast
2 cups lettuce, 3 slices tomato, 3/4 of a haas avoicado, 1/4 cup peas/carrots (mixed as salad)
2 tsp EVOO and table salt as dressing
1/3 cup tacu tacu (Peruvian rice/beans mealnge which was over 200 cals)
(The avocado and tacu tacu alone accounted for nearly half of the meal, but were hardly as filling a one would hope. I don't mind the healthy fat in the haas or the EVOO or the canary beans in the tacu tacu. I do mind the rice and carbs in the ethnic dish. But, it was kinda tasty...something new. Were I not on an eating plan, I'd have had two cups of the stuff, easy.)
Water--4 glasses

calories for lunch: 955

calories so far: 1587 (Youch. Fewer then 200 cals for din-din. See why I might need some buffer calories from yesterday's deficiti?)

Click protein espresso shake
2 glasses water

calories for snack: 120

WS vanilla cream shake
3 glasses water

calories for dinner: 100

Total calories for the day: 1807
Total water for the day:  14 glasses

So, I'm over the day's calories by 47.  I was under yesterday by 324, so now I only have a "savings account" of 277 calories for the week. But, I'm fine with water and I made up lunch's excess with a controlled snack/supper combo.

My day's food composition is diffferent from yesterday's near 40-30-30.

Today it was: 34-31-35 (carbs-fat-protien)  Interesting to see what effect that strange composition has tomorrow..on the scale.

Until tomorrow....the challenge continues...


Ann (-25 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

You are doing well, Princess!! Keep up the good work!

That is a good idea, to have some "insurance" buffer calories, for the weekend. And, with luck, you won't even need them!

Linda - Operation Stick To It said...

I am back at OperationStickToIt.blogspot.com and checking in with the blogs I used to correspond with...which was your old blog.

It's been a long time... Must keep going!