Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 3 Son of DDDY Challenge: Salt Uptick, Water Uptick, But Peeing Less!

Scale: 247.8

I had a lot of salt last night (the salt I put on my salad, lots of coarse on the tomatoes, and the WonderSlimTaco Cheese Puffs ). I was craving salt like man, which is one reason I skipped dressing on my salad and went with salt. Why use up fat calories when what I wanted was SALT!?

I should be 247.4 today. I'm 247.8 cause I salted up. And I didn't poo this AM. I normally poo w/in 5 minutes of being awake. I think the low roughage supper and saltiness and chocolate (first time I had real chocolate in a bit) conspired to plug me up a tad.

Now, my water and calories were great yesterday. Well under limit of calories and well over the accelerated level of water intake. So, I'm very proud of meself. :)

Interestingly, my bladder must have expanded or my body is acclimating. I wasn't running to pee every 20-25 mins. It was more like every 45-50. ; )

I have some nice produce after my co-op pick-up yesterday (though my most desired sugar seckel pears are not ripe, yet, darnit), so I should get my poop on well tomorrow. :D

On to the particulars:

Starbucks reduced fat egg white/turkey bacon/cheese sandwich
1 fried egg (added to above)
1 cup papaya
8 glasses water
2 cups coffee
assorted supplements

calories: 532
fluids: 80 oz

whole grain roll with 1 tsp peanut butter and 1 tsp fruit preserves
1 boiled eggs mashed with 1 tbsp lite mayo and dollop mustard with 1/2 cup cucumbers
1 oz Swiss Cheese and 1 pear
6 glasses water

calories: 470
fluids: 48 oz

2.5 ancho chilies with 1 cup cooked mushrooms and 1 tomato
1/2 cup shredded reduced fat cheddar and 1/4 cup sharp shredded cheddar
6 tbsp salsa and 1 serving WS vegetarian chili with beans
1/4 cup Eden Chili beans and 2/3 sliced Cubanelle pepper
1/3 cup chopped onions
WS Vanilla protein shake (made with 8 oz water)
6 glasses water

calories: 765
fluids: 56 oz

Total Calories:  1768 (+8 from limit)
Total Fluids:  184 oz  (exceeds accelerated amount)

Total Calories for Day:
Total Fluid for Day:


Ann (-28 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

I'm running much less often to the restroom this afternoon too, Princess. I think we are getting nearer to the "breakthrough point" - where our bodies adjust to the regular, consister volume of liquids.

Good job on the calories and fluids! Keep up the good work!!

Kimberly said...

The Magnesium Citrate works well! Thanks for the tip. I feel so much better today. I pooped up a freaking storm today. It was awesome.

Anne H said...

Oh. my. goodness!
This is a poop talking blog today! LOL
That's good, though.
But I really came here to talk about Pee!
Just kidding - I really love it all!

I'm Annie said...

I, too, was craving salt like crazy today! I think it must be all the water we are drinking flushing out all the stored salt. My bladder is also getting used to the water. YAY for our awesome bodies! lol :)