Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Calling All Tech-Calorie-Activity Monitor Wearers: Do You Love, Hate, or Otherwise Your Gadget--BodyBugg, GoWear Fit, DirectLife, Gruve...? Is It Helping Weight Loss?

I'm seriously thinking of asking hubby for one of these devices for Christmas instead of an iPad. I know, I know. Nuts, as iPad is way cool. But, I'm serious about keeping this momentum going through 2011 and onwards. And I am very curious to see what monitoring will do to make me less couch potatoey. Let's face it, 2 training sessions a week has made me way stronger and more flexible, but it's not burning that many calories.

BodyBugg --I've seen it on blogs, saw it on Ali of TBL.
GoWear Fit--some great reviews, some not.
Gruve --don't know much about it.
DirectLife --seems to be newer, and saw Roni review it.
Any others I'm forgetting?

Most are pretty pricey (more than 100, especially once you add in the membership ongoing costs).

But I want to know if it helped you or not. If you continued to use it after the initial thrill. If you learned something from using it. If it was very fritzy or smooth to use. How much more did it help you move or lose, in your estimation. Anything you'd want to say about your gadget.

Would be great to try it free, but I'm not a high-profile weight loss blogger, so pffft to that. So, I need feedback from real life users.



Katie J said...

I personally love my bodybugg and think it has been an intergral part of my WL. To me knowledge is power. When you use the BB, it will tell you up to the minute how many cals you have burned and you can adjust your calories consumed accordingly. It also puts it in an easy to understand format with bar charts and graphs galore.

There are other costs associated with the BB. You pay a monthly fee to use their software. The more months you buy at once, the cheaper it is. You get the 1st 6 months covered with your purchase.

I have done a lengthy review on my blog of the bodybugg if you would like more details. If you have any questions, let me know :-)

Katie J said...

P.S. I have used it for 96 weeks total so far.

Fat Girl Slim said...

I freaking adore my Go Wear Fit. I even dedicated a whole blog post to it. See it here:

Anne H said...

I wear a little pedometer.....
$30 from Brookstone
It has a 7 day memory
And calculates all kinds of data....
Not fancy like a Bugg... but also, no fees or anything but batteries!
And I love it!

Princess Dieter said...

thanks so much for the responses and link. Keep em coming!

Kimberly said...

I've been thinking of getting one of these too. Thanks for the post Princess.

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Er, just posting so I can mooch the info and get the comments subscription. I'm interested to know too. Will read the aforementioned blog posts. Thx.

Surely you can strap the Ipad to some part of your body and accomplish the same thing? Surely there is an app for this? Surely? ;-)

Roxie said...

I have a heart rate monitor. The Polar FT7. I have used it a few days for 24 hours just to get an idea of my heart rate and how it corresponds to calories burned. It helps me get an idea of the range if I do nothing in the way of a workout.

I use it for my work outs all the time. The calorie burning is nice, but it's mainly a way to make sure my heart rate is in a good target range, most of the time. I don't think it's as accurate on something like a 30 day shred video as compared to a run, but I like it none the less.

It cost me 80 bucks. No monthly fees.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Bugg! I've had mine for over 2 year and it has been great. The only downside for me is that I am allergic to the elastic in the armband, and have to stop wearing it. I don't know how to function without it and am constantly trying to figure out how many calories I am burning at a certain point.
Hubby has one, too. He really likes it as well. Worth every penny if you work it honestly.
I'm willing to sell mine (used for 2 years) cheap if you're interested.