Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 13 of the DDDY Challenge: Beautiful Cool Weekend in Miami and I better learn where the good public toilets are...

Day 13, and the first phase of the Double Dog Dare You Challenge led by Allan is almost at a close. Part 2, Son of Double Dog starts, er, Tuesday? I forget, cause I'm middle aged and haven't had coffee yet.

Scale: 248.4

1/5th pound less than yesterday. The combo of coconut water and lots of plain water seems to have worked well against the sodium in breakfast.

I enter the weekend with a savings account of 524 unused calories as I pretend I'm in the maintenance phase and am at goal weight of 160 lbs. This means that, if I have to, I have some calories to fall back on. I plan to eat at my level, but it's nice to have a cushion.

We've entered the beautiful part of the year. From November to April, it's pretty durn lovely here. Jan and Feb are heaven--perfect weather, but the other months are delightful. Summer's hell is over. Hurricanes are less of a threat. Less rain (not so great for plants and lawns, but outstanding for outdoor events and beach walking).

Now that we can go outside without melting or getting squashed by tropical storm gusts, we can enjoy the city more. I guess I better figure out how to hit a toilet every 30 or so mins, like where the cleaner/nicer toilets are in the areas we like to hang, which restaurants or hotels are safe to duck into for a quick run, where to sit and have an iced tea and ask for water refills ad infinitum before taking off again. I became a member of three places recently--Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Miami Art Museum, and Museum of Contemporary Art in NoMi. Hopefully, they have nice water fountains and clean bathrooms (snort).

One of my projects will be to put together a "go to" list for eateries near where we like to go visit (museums, malls, beach, historical sites, music venues) and figure out what on their menu would keep me happy and within limits. A challenge, cause when I see a menu, I want to gorge. It's like a Pavlovian response. Which is why I stopped eating out as much and now do takeout from familiar places, cause I can just order without looking at the menu and portion out to my plate at home. It's easy to look up calories online at home. Unitl I get my iPad or smartphone, harder when I'm about and about.

So, Day 13:

(Felt a bit hungry, so I had 4 glasses of water, took 10 grams of a fiber supplement, and ate an apple before sitting down to eat. The organic apples this week from my co-op are good
half of a veggie omelette (onion, broccoli, spinach, bell pepper, mushroom, tomato) with ham, cheddar, pastrami (I small slice of each meat and ended up picking out the cheese, as it didn't melt well, so less appealing as this coldish blob.)
coffee, 2 cups
Water 6 glasses

calories for breakfast: 500  (c35-f30-p28)

1/4th of the remaining omelette half
2 Barry's Bakery Pretzel Twists (lower carb, high protein)
2 glasses water

calories for snack: 218 (c12-f14-p9)

Calories so far:  718

We went to a restaurant opened by one of the contestants on Top Chef, and I resisted the temptations for the most calorically dense. I deconstructed my platter (even asked for stuff quasi-disassembled in order to eyeball-measure and portion.

First was a chicken lettuce wrap thingie (deconstructed, I could add the cheese I wanted and leave out the fatty cream-cheese/sourcream/scallion sauce,e xcept for about a tablespoon's worth)

Second was a tomato salad with mesclun, blue cheese, and balsamic dressing. I asked for them to leave out the pickled onions and put the candied pecans in a side container so I could portion carefully, ditto dressing. I added the leftover iceberg lettuce from the wrap and it was nice.

Had chai tea with Splenda and splashed in milk.

4 glasses of water. No dessert. Had a cup of organic seedless grapes when I got home. had 4 more glasses of water with vitamins.

Dinner calories:  758

tall cappuccino at the Starbucks in the bookstore. Water.

Snack Calories: 90

WS Vanilla Shake

calories: 100

Total Calories: 1667  (52-29-19)
Total Water: 17 glasses


Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Grrrr, stop bragging about yer weather, kid. Get's my hackles up, what with the sun going down at 4:00pm here in dull drizzly and grey London. It's hard to believe the sun is shining anywhere... but erm, to add some grace: Enjoy!

Great choices on the foodstuffs. Sounds yummy. Well done.

Kimberly said...

I'm going to get out and take a walk today. It is beautiful here in Houston. I love this time of year because it isn't sweltering hot or humid as all get out.

Good idea on the planning for the trip. If I plan then I succeed. When I leave it up to chance I am so screwed.

I gotta try that coconut water. I've been reading others say good things.

Thanks for your words yesterday. They helped me a lot.

Anne H said...

Coffe helps people think better-er!
Water is good too!