Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 18 Son of Double Dare Challenge: Just continuing on plan cause the 230s are so close!

Today: 242.0

Today's Plan: Eat no more than 1760 calories and Drink 160+ oz of fluid

Today's Plan: Try to breathe better and not shop myself into debt. :)

Okay, nothing much to add to what I already said in my previous post. It's just another Challenge Day to me, not so much Black Friday, as I used the coupons out there to buy from 3 online vendors (Danskin, my workout wear; SaraMButcher, an artist I like who had a sale; and Curl Junkie, my fave curly hair products line that's CG Method friendly and had a 20% off sale. If you do the CG method or have curly hair that needs moisture, this is the best line. Go to and take advantage of the 20% off the products. I stocked up several months worth.)

Make today work for you, whether you need to burn off TD overeating or whether you need to get in your bargain-shopping (put on the sneakers and powerwalk that mall!), make it count towards your weight loss efforts.

We're playing couch-potato (well, I don't have much choice as my breathing is constricted) and I asked hubby if we could share a Volcano Chicken order from the Thai restaurant for supper. He's fine with that. I'll get steamed veggies for a side and get those amazing and super-low-fat-low-cal fresh Vietnamese veggie rolls. Looking forward to that.

Food and fluid log time:

BREAKFAST:  Take-out from Thai place
4 vegetarian Vietnamese rolls (these babies are less than 20 cals each)
3 oz grilled chicken with 8 tbsp chili sauce and 1.5 cups steamed veggies
3 pieces avocado sushi with soy sauce and wasabi and pickled ginger
1 cup papaya chunks and 1/2 cup fresh cherries
assorted supplements
3 cups coffee and 8 glasses water (total fluids = 88 oz)

2 eggs fried and 2 slices Ezekiel bread, toasted
1 Morningstar Farms soy breakfast sausage patty
2 tbsp Nature's Hollow sugar free apricot preserves
1 medium pear
assorted supplements
8 glasses water and 2 cups decaf (total fluids = 80 oz)

DINNER: None. Not hungry.

Total Calories: 1139  (56c/25f/19p; fat was kept at desirable levels at last)
Total Fluids: 168 oz (less than I wanted, but quite a bit more than the "accelerated rate" amount as per the challenge parameters)


Debbie said...

Sounds like you have a plan. I am play couch potato myself today. I have a terrible cold and I have not felt like doing anything. Have a great weekend..

Anne H said...

Wish they had some kind of better treatment or cure for your breathing!
A little control of sorts!
*hugs* but not too tight, eh?

Colleen @ Goodbye, Fat Girl! said...

I just found your blog today and I know I'm going to love it. Can't wait to read more. Come visit me if you like at

Kimberly said...

I played couch potato most of the day but couldn't take it anymore so I ventured out to the mall for about 30 minutes and then got out of there and had a nice, quiet dinner at Central Market.

Is this just a bad spell for your breathing? You should feel better soon, right? I wish I could do something to help.