Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 10 Son of DDDY Challenge: Still Wheezy and Lethargic, Cancelled trainer session cause, well, can't breathe much, on commitment in the face of wanting comfort foods, and forcing myself to blog for accountability...

No message from Tanita-san. Didn't weigh.

Not going into the back room (only one with flat, even flooring) where it's not air conditioned and where it's dusty. My asthma is still plaguing me, and on top of that, I think my thyroid is in another active "attack" phase. Oddly happens sometimes when I have upper respiratory and allergy issues. Maybe cause the immune system and inflammation is in action, and it causes my thyroiditis to engage? Dunno. But hard to bend neck and I have to focus to keep posture straight or it's even harder to breathe.

No Pilates: cancelled. It's hard enough to breathe absolutely still. Moving is not on today's agenda. Other than bathroom runs, natch.

Have to go enter my food log stuff from last night into the previous blog post (didn't go over calories, stayed well under, drank lots of fluids). I had a hard time swallowing last night, so dinner took forever to chew and eat.

I got a delivery of new clothes (most of my old/new stuff is baggy already). That's cheering. :) Jeans and tops and one "basic black dress". One should always have a basic black outfit cause you never know when a funeral will be scheduled. Plus, easy choice for dinner out to a fancier place. For fatties like me, a nice basic black with 3/4 sleeves, a flattering neckline,  and good, bright accessories make for a wardrobe necessity. Though I"m a comfort clothes/bootcut danskin leggings and breathably cool empire-top sort of gal. I hate to be uncomfy in clothes and if it's not breathable fabric, whoa is me when the hot flashes hit.

Allan over at Almost Gastric Bypass blog talks about commitment today. I'm glad he did. Part of me is dying for comfort foods. Those easy to swallow, fatty, carby, creamy and so on foods that make you feel loved and warmed when you're sick. I want them. I want them now. But I"m committed to this challenge and my eating plan and I'm gonna have to find a way to nourish myself, find comfort, and NOT go nuts. And I will.

I wish they'd deliver my gourmet decaf from Paradise Roasters, cause I need lots of hot fluids today.

So, I've run out of stuff to say. I just don't feel like blogging. Doing it cause I don't want to get out of the accountability habit. But trust me, I'm a non-perky typist here.

Okay, food log time:

PRE-BREAKFAST: (got up with dry throat and felt draggy, so had this right away)
1 WS protein shake (made with 8 oz water)
1 teaspoon Green Magma mixed with powdered green tea and water (6 oz)
2 glasses of water

BREAKFAST part deux:
My usual egg white/mushroom/cheese and the WS hot cakes
3 cups decaf
6 glasses water

Calories: 568
Fluids: 102 oz

Still full from breakfast, had crazy salty cravings so:
1 bag Kay's Naturals Sweet BBQ Mix protein snack
1/2 bag Kay's Naturals cinnamon toast protein pretzels
1 small pear
4 glasses water

calories:  262
fluids: 16 oz


Homemade turkey pastrami Reuben on rye with lowfat cheese
3 cups decaf, 6 glasses water

calories: 619
fluids: 72 ounces

1/2 servings of ChocoRite sugar-free chocolate almonds
1 cup watermelon, 1/2 cup slices of mango
4 glasses water

calories: 190
fluids: 32 oz

Total Calories:  1639
Total Fluids:  222


Beth at Obesity Strike said...

So sorry to hear about the asthma causing the thyroid problem to flare up. How awful.

Yeah, the comfort foods call when one is sick. That seems to be par for the course. Well done for not giving in.

Hang in there and hope this passes soon.

Anne H said...

I had exercise-induced asthma in the Army -
might have been an allergy to wool!
But still *wheeze* no fun!
Get well soon!
*hugs and stuff*