Friday, November 26, 2010

Face the Truth Friday: Black Friday Edition, with my best weekly weight loss of the year and one old and one new truth in my face....

Oh, happy Black Friday!

Weigh-in: 242.0

That's a 3 pound loss from last Friday. More than twice my usual weight loss rate. I'm ridiculously pleased. Makes up for the asthma-crap.

I stayed well within my weekly caloric allotment and I drank my "accelerated rate" of water every day and then some. I will say it again: Lots of water helps. Lots of water right before eating helps the most. Drink water until you feel the pangs of a "stretching stomach", that "fullness pang", and then eat. You'll eat less unless you're bound and determined to binge.

What truths am I facing? Again, that even sick, I don't have to turn to food to comfort me. I normally would not lose weight when ill, cause I stuff up with the creamy/fatty/carby comfort foods. I didn't do it. I dropped pounds.

I learned that it's not gonna kill me to throw out holiday leftovers if they are too tempting. I grew up in the era of "hungry kids in China, so finish your food", a member of the plate-cleaning club and leftover-packaging club. Yesterday, I dumped all but one of the leftovers, and I won't cry over it.

Okay, I'm still gaspy but I'm happy and I plan to stay within my 1760 calories today. And to drink a bunch of water. Cause I've got many more stubborn old pounds that need to be tossed in the trash with the leftovers.

Happy Black Friday to you all. Don't spend more than you can frugally afford to. Debt is as bad as fat.


Ann (-32 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Well done, Princess!! I am so proud of you!! I knew you could do it. xxox

Blossom said...

Thanks a bunch for your Indian food suggestions. I will keep them in mind. Yes, the PBs were the main holding block...but I went ahead anyways, really hoping I'd never be in that position. Well, now I know and I never want it to happen again! That's what I'm working for now! lol

Anne H said...

Debt and fat seem to go easily together.... not always.... but they share some commonalities!
Stay warm and cozy!

Beth said...

Bravo on the weight loss, that is most excellent. Sticking with it kicks arse.

Sickness is always a tricky food time for me. Good to read that you stuck it out. I'll tuck that one away for the next time I'm sick.

And just yesterday I was contemplating throwing out a huge box of biscuits (cookies) that a neighbour gave us. My son doesn't like them (yay!) and I am not eating them and my husband doesn't want them. So...maybe pass them on to someone else or throw them away. Eeek.