Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 10 Double Dog Dare You Challenge: Where I blew past my milestone and fear the amount of peeing that the next challenge phase will bring...


I saw that, got off the scale, restarted it, got on again.


Got off the scale. Restarted it. Got on again.


Okay, so I guess that's my weigh-in.

I totally missed my milestone of 249.0. Went from 249.4 down to 248.


I had the trifecta again: drank loads of water, ate close to my limit, and slept GREAT, the latter is the last and sometimes elusive part of the "good loss" equation. I don't sleep as intensely well as I used to pre-menopause. But I did last night (only got up once to pee, blessedly) and slept 9 hours. The rain that came in must have put me in dozeyland mode.

So, 248.0 puts me at 51 lbs lost.

I guess my body did like that weird composition of carbs-fat-protein (34-31-35 ). Or the lower carb aspect made me lose water. Or both. Not sure. I know I can't lose 1.4 pounds of fat in one day, not without exercising like an insane person and burning off like 4000 calories, so it's mostly water, surely. Don't care. Happy!

I'm in surer footing into the "decade" and that's what matters to me. And I intend to be out of this decade before Christmas.

Of course, one salty meal will blow that progress out of the water. I gotta keep that in mind.

Was reading over at Almost Gastric Bypss before blogging, and it looks like lots of bathroom runs --more than the about every 45 minutes I'm doing now--are in my  near future. I better buy more toilet paper for the Son of Double Dog Dare Challenge that's almost here...

Okay, so the following is my calories/water log, and skip if that bores you silly:

Same as yesterday (eggs, Ezekiel Bread, papaya...), except I used 1 slice Swiss Cheese instead of the 2% single  and I drank 5 glasses of water, not 3.

calories for breakfast: 579

SNACK: 2 glasses of water

a bunch of stuff I am too tired to list now in detailed quantities, but included guacamole, refried beans, pico de gallo, chicken fajitas (2/3 of chicken, half of veggies), steamed green beans, a bit of salsa, 2 corn tortilla and 4 glasses of water and 1 tall glass of iced tea.

total lunch calories: 901

SNACK: 1/2 protein bar and 2 glasses water

snack calories: 95


WS Vanilla shake and one glass of water

dinner calories: 100

Total Day 's Calories:  1675
Total Day's Water: 14 glasses

Happy Wednesday, people!


Lanie Painie said...

Welcome to the 240's!

Ann (-25 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

AWESOME!! Congratulations on leaping into the 240s ... great job and a nice post to read mid-week!!

Anne H said...

Scott is nice.
Some people love Charmin.