Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 16 Son of Double Dare Challenge: Still with the asthma/congestion, down another 1/5th pound, the quest to up carbs even as my subconscious objects, and Thanksgiving Eve thoughts! Plus food/water log...

Scale = 243.2

A small downtick that pleases me, though yesterday's "whoosh" was fun.

Breathing is crap. Looks like I will miss Thanksgiving. Sucks. Guess I'll have to make Christmas even merrier to make up for it. What makes me even more frustrated is hubby has today through Sunday off, and I 'm not well to go out and enjoy the good weather and happy city with him. I want to go out and DO FUN STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, well.

So, yesterday didn't fit the genetic plan. Was low calorie and lower carb. I had 135 grams of carbs (the minimum according to the 65-20-15 plan of c/f/p would have been about 100 more for the caloric level yesterday, a bit under 1400), 100 g of protein. Fat was 57 grams, and I should have been closer to the low 30s.

I'm so used to eating lower carb, higher protein, that breaking the pattern is tough. I instinctively make take-out choices that fit the previous plan. I did meet the plan numbers at lunch and got close to breakfast, which I made at home and was able to tweak.

Well, I knew the first couple weeks would be bumpy with the reconfigurations.  I need to go to Whole Foods when I'm better and get some high fiber, low sugar breakfast cereal (like a multigrain flakes type thing that I can add raisins and bananas, too, and man, it's been a while since I ate bananas), and more low fat and maybe fat free dairy to get the fat down and good carbs up. Some sweet potatoes, some bulgur maybe. Brown rice. Lean cuts of meat (I have no meats/poultry in my freezer right now). Some breakfast soy sausages. Canadian bacon. Whole wheat tortillas (regular, not low carb, which I think taste better, anyhow). More fruit.

So, happy about continuing to see progress. Confused a bit about the eating plan journey. Sad that the holiday is nixed due to my gaspy bronchii. But life goes on and we will overcome, right? :)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, people. Do NOT overeat tomorrow. Make the conscious decision now to eat light at breakfast, drink loads of water, get in some exercise before the visit to the relatives or feasting begins (even if it's putting on music and dancing with family), and enjoy the things you LOVE MOST and skip the stuff that's just okay or you can have anytime. I mean, really, mashed potatoes is common. Have the rarer, more special, more holiday stuff. Enjoy it in moderate portions. Eat it slowly and SAVOR the wonderfulness of that sweet potato casserole or herbed stuffing or roasted veggies or homemade cranberry relish with the turkey. Savor every bite. Look at it, smell it, let it sit on your tongue. Make that one healthful serving LAST. Be grateful for food and love and laughter. If you have a faith, give a word up to your deity to say you appreciate life and nourishment. Give thanks for the farmers and ranchers and all the people who make nourishment possible.

Overeating won't make you more thankful. Eating with joy and moderation will.

Okay, food log time:

BREAKFAST: (The balance ended up about 52%c/25%f/22p--not too bad)

Diet To Go mushroom-leek strata with soy sausage
1 2/3 cups papaya with 1/8th cup lime juice drizzed over
3 cups spinach cooked in 1 tsp EVOO and garlic
2 cups coffee and 6 glasses water (4 before, 2 after)

calories: 487
fluids: 64 oz

LUNCH: (wasn't overtly hungry, but had something that was in the fridge anyway to keep things stable)

1 cup pear and watercress soup (raw, organic, vegan)
3 small bites of raw vegan zucchini lasagna
2 cups decaf
4 glasses water

calories:  221
fluids:  48 oz

DINNER: Today is organic co-op pick-up day, and Hubby is going to the kosher Israeli restaurant, so I'm getting their very low fat bean soup, a bit of rice to dump on it, some Israeli salad, and maybe steal a couple of falafel and hummus from hubby's appetizers. There should be greens and fruits in the co-op share.

2.5 falafel with 2.5 tbsp hummus
1 cup white bean and carrot soup and 2/3 cup white rice
1/4 cup Israeli Salad
4 glasses water

calories:  681
fluids:  16 oz (should have had more)

SNACK: Got hungry around 1am

1 organic apple
1 bag FiberGourmet cheese crackers
1 slice 2% Kraft deli select cheddar cheese
1 WS Vanilla protein shake (made with 8 oz water)
4 glasses water

calories: 331
fluids:  32 oz

TOTAL CALORIES: 1720   (46/34/20, getting closer to 50/30/20, the intermediary step)
TOTAL FLUIDS: 168 oz  (enough to meet and exceep accelerated rate of oz, but less than I've been having. I attribute this to the bit of difficulty I had swallowing...harder to drink. But, must try harder.)


Beth said...

Ah, so sorry to hear about the breathing. That is not fun. How awful. Hope it gets better soon. Hang in there.

It takes time to make the shift, eh? I would find it difficult to put things together quite differently too.

Look after yourself.

Kimberly said...

What is the advantage of eating a higher carb diet if you are more comfortable with a lower carb one? Do you have to do the one that the DNA testing said to do?

And I am so supremely sorry that you are in such bad shape breathing wise. That is horrible. I hope you have at least a moderately comfortable holiday.

Princess Dieter said...

Kimberley, because I really want to see if I note a difference in how I feel, in appetite, in how fast I lose, if it's easier to stay full, all the usual variables. I want to sustain weight loss for a lifetime. So, if there IS something to genotype diets being optimal, I want to TEST it.

If it works, great. If not, I know how to lose anyway. But wouldn't you be curious to see if it worked if you found you had a predisposition to absorb and hang on to dietary fat? I mean, wouldn't you give lowfat a shot? :)

Anne H said...

Breathe in ~ Breathe out.
Some days, that's enough, eh?
Happy Gratitude Day!

My day is ALWAYS better than my patient's day!
No doubt there.

Kimberly said...

PD I think that whatever works for you is the best thing. And of course there is no harm in trying anything out. If giving this diet a shot is what you want to do then you should go for it and test it out. I was just curious about if you thought you had to do it based on the testing.