NOTE: These are links to some stuff I've reviewed on my blogs. I mostly eat whole, real foods in 2011--ie, not packaged diet stuff, WonderSlim, etc. Real meat, poultry, eggs, fruit, veggies. And I recommend a real, clean, whole food diet with few, very few processed foods. But I'll leave this here for now...

Amy's Kitchen:
Soup--Light in Sodium Cream of Tomato

Bistro MD

Chocoperfection bars (dark)
Chocolate bars f/u (dark)
Dark Chocolate Chips

Diet-To-Go Meal Delivery:
Vegetarian/Low-Carb comments

Dr. McDougall's Products:
Ready to Eat Lentil Soup
Ready  to Eat Vegetable Soup
Various instant Dr. M products (soups, oatmeal)

Glaser Organic Farms (raw foods in So Fla)
Mango Pie

Holey Donuts
(I don't eat these anymore...too expensive
and dry out fast in the freezer, ick)

Scharffen Berger Unsweetened Natural Cocoa Powder

Soy Bites

Stallone Low Carb Pudding (Instone)

VeggieMunn (fresh raw meals delivery service in So Fla)
Lentil Salad/Kale Salad
Orange Fennel Soup, Thai Papaya Green Sald, Choco Pina-Colada on a Stick
Pasta Primavera, Fruit Soup, Citrus Salad

hot cocoa, hot cakes, BariWise biscotti
oatmeal, cheesesteak macaroni, creamy pudding/shakes
hot cakes with Nature's Hollow sugar free syrup
Collected reviews of WS at 3 Fat Chicks Forum