Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Day (as Julie said), Clean Slate. Sore and Psyched! It's my choice. I choose to do it! WE CAN DO THIS!

Okay, so as the previous post explained, I'd been something of a mess with my eating off-plan.

Sunday: 184.8
Monday: 184.0
Today: 183.4

My saving grace yesterday after the truffle disaster was that I did 1 1/2 hours of exercise--strengthening, stretching, and walking.

Today, I'm nicely sore--especially inner thighs, back, upper abs, side.  This makes me happy. :D

Good timing for Gillian Riley's newsletter. It was in my inbox when I checked my mail. She has a new book, DITCHING DIETS, but it might simply be a recap of stuff she has in her other books, such as EATING LESS. If anyone knows whether this has new information and is worth Kindle-ing, let me know. (NOTE: I am adding this as I noticed it's a new version of BEATING OVEREATING, the book by Gillian with the orange cover. You may already have it. It may have new info, not sure, but the first 6 chapters have the same titles, so the basic info is surely identical to the "orange" book.)

For those who haven't visited her site or who want to get her newsletter, go here.

And for those who don't know what a meal plan that's calorie controlled might look like, here's an example of a 7-day plan, gluten free, at 1400 calories.

I want to make something clear. My 183 lbs now is not my 183 lbs a year ago, when I was working out. This is 183 lbs after 6 months of inactivity. Fat has replaced some muscle. My body LOOKS different naked. I'm lumpier in the waist and hips and my legs aren't as well-shaped with walking and Pilates muscle as they were a year ago at the same weight. I can feel and see the difference in my mirror. And yes, I do a "Nekkid Check" every day.

Here are pics in form-fitting wear I took an hour ago. The increased torso/belly girth and hip lump are evident:

These are my accountability photos. Sometimes, you just gotta LOOK and SEE. Like it or not.

I am well-stocked with goodies. Collards. Romaine. Strawberries. Blueberries. Kiwi. Yams. Lemons and Limes. Papayas. Broccoli. Nectarines. Cucumbers. Watermelon. Honeydew. Peppers. Apples. Decaf Green tea. Coffee. New refill filters for the water pitcher that I got back when I needed to drink gallons for Allan's challenges. I've slacked on water intake, ya know?

I have chicken breast defrosted for supper.

I do need to visit the store for some of my pastured eggs, organic egg whites, turkey, mushrooms, shredded low fat cheese for my breakfast eggs and salads, Greek yogurt, baby spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, celery, and carrots. Maybe some rainbow chard and baby bok choy, both of which I really like lightly sauteed.

With that, I'll be well-stocked against temptations. It's best to have the house overflowing with GOOD options, to cut back on the lure of bad ones.

My hope is that  Sunday's weigh-in will make me smile. Anything lower on the scale and higher in motivation is welcome, right?

Right. I can do this. I really can.



OK, let's kill it today. We believe. We move. We choose properly. WE CHOOSE. Remember that

Every bite and every sip and every step--we choose it. We decide it's what we'll do or not do, eat or not eat. WE CHOOSE.

Be well...


Kelliann said...

YES! You GOT this!!

Angela Pea said...

Yes! We CHOOSE!!

It's presently 30 degrees here in north central Texas. I had an errand to run at lunch time. I threw on my coat and gloves and walked there and back. Talk about choosing!

Mir, you rock - and this will be a great week!

Traveling Light said...

As you know, since I've moaned about it endlessly, my regain has left me with a different shape than the same weight prior. Insult tt injury, I call it! :{

I used to have trouble getting pants to fit because of my thick waist, but straight hips and skinny (in comparison) thighs. If they fit my waist, it often looked like I was wearing those weird ballon-like pants that were popular for about 10 minutes a few decades ago by a singer whose name I can't remember. (black guy..sang "Can't touch this" or something like that.)

Not now. The old hips, butt and thighs--well they've puffed right up to match my thick waist. Great.

You, however, still have a wonderful waist. The extra padding may be evident, but so is that waist!

Onward and forward, girlfriend. Traveling light now that He carries me.


Sunshine's Heart said...

I needed this pep talk today. I need to get this day under my belt without making a mistake and then I can go ahead and take it one day at a time. I need to get that first day to give me confidence. I'm wishing you the best, Princess. Hang in there with us and we will all make it together.

Bluezy said...

Yes let's do it! Make the choices we KNOW are the ones we should be making!