Progress Pics

Updated, cause I did find a pic of me at 299 lbs, highest weight!
ETA: And you can go to THIS post from October 3, 2011, for some "pairs" of Before/Afters to show progress from "morbidly obese" to "just overweight".

 Here I am, early June 2004, at my highest weight of 299 pounds (on a home scale, as I did measure higher, 303 lbs, at the Doc's office with clothes and shoes). I avoided the camera mostly back then, but I found a picture stuck inside a diet coursebook, where it was documentation of "before". Well, it's taken me years from pasting that snapshot to work for real on realizing the "after". Not there yet, but I'm 120+ pounds down now.....and closer to goal weight than I have been in two decades....

299 lbs in June 2004
Added 4/10/12: I found that shirt in a tub! I had stored it and forgotten about it. I wore it above in 2004 at 299. Here it is on me in 2012 at 178 lbs, both wide and gathered:

Sorry for the mess behind me. I was going through TUBS and TUBS of old clothes, sorting for giveaway or throwaway. :D The rest of the pics of me trying old stuff on new body are HERE.

Now, a series of progress shots~~~~~~~~~~
Here, on the way to Pilates at 278 lbs in 2008.
268 lbs May 23,  2010
266 lbs May 31, 2010--FATWINGS at large!

258 lbs 9/2010
258 lbs 9/2010
232 lbs Jan 2011

217 lbs on 3/2011
217 lbs 3/2011
202 lbs May 2011

202 lbs on May 4, 2011
ONEDERLAND! 199.8 lbs...May 2011...hadn't been there since 1991-92...

196 lbs in a retro girly pose (and first time I wear a swimsuit in public since the 80s)

Size 14 borrowed suit for kiddie pool: 189.8 lbs on 6/26/11

185.0 lbs on Aug 5, 2011: NO LONGER OBESE
Just overweight, now. Hah!

181 lbs 9-30-11

178.0 lbs on Nov 13, 2011