Friday, May 27, 2011

Pondering my Slimmer This Summer Challenge Goals...and hey, my blog is "Adorable"!

Before June 6, I will be posting on what my specific, measurable goals are for the Slimmer This Summer Challenge. I put my tentative goals (subject to change) on my sidebar badge for the challenge (see upper right sidebar).

I'm still fighting the mood thing, though the sleep thing is better. (Thank you, foam mattress topper that will hold us over until we get a new mattress.) We went mattress shopping and could only agree on two models, both memory foam, one a no-name that seemed overpriced and other other the very expensive TempurPedic. Ouch. More than 3K for the only one we both said, "Ah, comfy."

3K+. Excuse me, really? Wow. Ow.

Oh, but they had a $200 off deal.

Excuse me while I snort...

Weight has bounced from 196.4 to 197.4. Focusing on goals is necessary for me. Without goals, it's too easy to get lax. I have been great NOT eating junk or reverting to old ways. I have been lazy about measuring. It's good that one of the rules of the challenge is daily tracking. You may be cool without it. I need it.

On the plus side, at the size I'm now, every pound starts to be noticeable and count. My trainer said she can notice differences every week, see more musculature be visible, see better when I'm doing X or Y move. Well, hey, that's good. :) I know I seem to feel more bones every week...

Back to the challenge: One of the other rules is to stay between 1200 and 1400 calories. My personal goal is to stay under/at/close to 1200. It just is a better losing rate for me. I'm way smaller than I was, so if I go over too much, my rate of loss will just slow frustratingly.

I plan (as long as budget allows, which basically means SAVING LESS for retirement right now) to continue my 2x a week private Pilates sessions. I have talked with the instructor about adding one Reformer class. I love using the Cadillac and Reformer. Now that I'm way smaller than when I started Pilates, I feel like I can keep up with a class with minimal modification. She's already letting me do most exercises without big mods for what used to be a supadupa-crazy-huge belly and now is just a big belly. So, this is one of my considerations for the challenge: add an equipment class of Pilates.

Another possibility is to do something altogether different--like try to get in on the aqua-aerobics class (which was full last season when I checked). I'd need a unitard for that (no one will be seeing these crinkly deflated inner thighs!) Or tai-chi. They have a class nearby. I might even sample Zumba once I'm at or under 185 (ie, not obese anymore). I honestly think my knees will be an impediment, but I won't know unless I *try*. Challenge means I should do things out of my comfort zone, so why not?

And that's why I would love to finally, finally, finally do normal push-ups. 4 of them. I made them a goal. I've never in my whole life been able to to pull-ups, chin-ups, or non-modified full push-ups. So, that's probably my hardest challenge for this summer.

I plan to continue walking as long as I can tolerate the heat. I like what it does for my stamina and the shape of my legs. My legs look really good since I started walking! I just got back from PlayWalking with hubby (garsh, it was muggy), and the allergens are on full out there. My eyes are itching like mad. We threw around a football as we walked. Fun. :)

June is the number one month of milestones for hubby and me. We first met, first dated, first kissed, first said "I love you", got married, and first did the big whoopie in June. It's also his birthday month. So, we have many celebrations. I don't plan to have cakes, boxes of chocolates, massive dinners out. Having the challenge begin 6/6 means almost all the milestones will be DURING the challenge, and it will help me not derail. It's all to easy to say, "Oh, it's a special occasion. I'm having crap and cake with cream on top!" I stayed very close to plan on Valentine's and on my Birthday, so why not on my love milestones, too.

We can always celebrate with music, dancing, sightseeing, beachwalks, fresh summer fruit and veggie-packed salads, and lotsa whoopie.

So, I will continue to ponder my goals and make a decision by June 5.

I know this: I have 36 to 37 pounds to lose. These are the HARDEST to lose. Not just cause I have multiple strikes against me--post-menopausal, hypothyroid, insulin resistant, plus other chronic health issues and various meds, including several that make you HUNGRIER- but cause the smaller you get, the fewer calories you need, the smaller the caloric deficit when eating the same calorie level (ie, 1200 ). But there is no choice but to hang in and think long haul and lifestyle and lifetime.

If I lose 1 pound a week, I get there by my birthday in Feb of next year.

If I lose 2 pounds a week, I make it by Halloween. :)

Either way, I will get there. Then I will have a whole new journey: Maintenance. That one is crazy hard, too. But at least you wear more stylish clothes there and don't fear breaking chairs or getting in and out of booths (or NOT getting in). :)

Are you pondering your summer health, weight, fitness goals, too?


I'd like to thank Sarah of On My Weigh To Happiness blog for a bloggy award. It's lovely to be thought of.

She listed these as the rules:
Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post. (Thanks T)
-Tell us 10 things about yourself.
-Nominate your bloggers.
-Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.

I normally don't continue to the chain, and this time, no different. If I visit your blog, comment, have you on my blogroll, it means I like your blog and prolly think it's "Adorable!" :)  If I'm a regular for you--and you know if I am a regular, cause I have commentorrhea, also known as making long, rambling comments that sometimes verge on the pompous!--then yes, you are adorable!

Anyway, 10 things about me (you may leave now if this bores the helloutta ya):

1. I was born in revolutionary historic city in eastern Cuba. Sort of like the "Philadelphia" of Cuba.
2. I have lived in NYC (the Bronx) and South Florida. That's it. Only places I've lived.
3. I am an otaku with regard to anime/manga/sci-fi/fantasy. Look it up. :)
4. I'm a member of three different museums, cause art rocks!
5. I have seen ghosts.
6. I have multiple phobias, including swimming in the ocean (sharks!) and flying on planes. I plan to overcome the latter one, since my weight loss reward (if I keep it off at least 2 years) will be a trip to TUSCANY! (Unless we're uberbroke.)
7. I love surrealistic art (especially Remedios Varo and De Chirico)  and the Pre-Raphaelites. (Look it up.)
8. I find the Scottish accent and Asian features the sexiest in the world. So, if an Asian dude with a Scottish accent came up to me, I'd either have serious cognitive dissonance and zone out, or faint right off at the dual hotness.
9. I've seen Sense & Sensibility 16 times (and still have a mad crush on Col. Brandon).
10. I own thousands of books (yes, I have a book hoarding issue).

Okay, if you managed to get through that...enjoy rest and family and loved ones on this holiday weekend. And while you enjoy your leisure, and while I enjoy mine, let's please remember those who gave their lives for our freedoms (and the freedoms of other nations), and pray for the families of the fallen of our more recent wars.


Candy kankles said...

I love your challenge! its great you have new ways to celebrate the special days! Good job!

Julie said...

All your goals are excellent Princess. I'll refine mine by goal day and I think like you post them on the sidebar. I still got to get the badge up too. So much to do, so little time. Thank you for the sweet comment about Mike. I hope who every he picks really deserves him.
Take care my friend and have a blessed weekend. I'm excited 3 days, no kids and just family time. LOVE IT!!

Lena said...

Princess, you're not the only one with book hoarding issues :) I like your exercise goals. I've been told to increase my exercise to 60 min a day, so I'm seriously thinking about what type to do since I can't afford Pilates right now (I've priced it). Walking works but gets boring.

Debbie said...

You have so much energy, even your writing is energetic. Reading your blog is like getting a shot of adrenaline. Can't wait to see how your challenge goes, your goals are great.

My husband & I have our 1st date anniversary on June 21st, we've been together 24 years. From reading your posts, it's obvious that you & your husband have a wonderful relationship. Have fun celebrating.

BTW, I may not have thousands of books, but I do have hundreds.

Susan said...

Ah hah! That is good books are not going to have a problem with the many book hoarders out there. I like personal shelved libraries. It is a necessity in all homes. With Kindle and is important to get the kids away from the monitor and gadgets and teach them to appreciate real books.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Oooh! I'm taking on the Slimmer this Summer challenge, too! I'm still thinking about my goals...I may just post my lifetime goal weight and get there!

Zumba? It's a BLAST! Don't wait for your weight to give it a try. You are free to improvise and take it down a notch to preserve your knees. On days when my arthritis is giving me fits, I just step a little lighter and don't jump as much.

Whoopie is definately better than calorie loaded celebratory food!

Floriana said...

3K for a mattress?! Ouch! Good ones are worth big money, but that might just bee too much, even for a great one. Good luck finding one that fits you both quality and price wise!

I am all for weight lifting. Best exercise I've ever done. Just two times a week and my muscles are getting so strong and firm, it's incredible. I have been doing high intensity training for just over two months and I can already do 2 proper push-ups. I don't even do them for exercise, but my muscles have gotten strong enough to perform them. Never could do them before.

Loved reading the 10 things. It is always nice to get to know blogger friends from a different angle, not just from the dieting perspective. I read a lot, but I don't hoard books, fortunately. If I really, really like a book I'll keep it, otherwise I give it away. Love art, could live in museums and art galleries. Love Jane Austen, too, although I have to say my favorite book of that period is Jane Eyre. Read it several times and will read it again most likely. I am not that crazy about movie versions, though.

Mercy a.k.a Rogue said...

Your goals are great and you have given me a little food for thought when it comes to my own goals for the challenge. Congrats on the award too.

Anne H said...

Of COURSE your blog rocks!
Cuz YOU rock!

Very ambitious goals here.
I'm not a "goal setting" gal.
I am, but my body is still unknown to me
(which is a shame)
so I'm still learning when to push it,
or let it ride!

Anonymous said...

I've done water aerobics and enjoyed it immensely. Highly recommended. Except if it is an indoor pool and they use chlorine, it might be an issue for you. Reason why I stopped was a very disorganized teacher/classes, and suddently deciding to go from salt to chlorine to disinfect. Bummer. But I still do it often (we try for weekly) with my friend in her (salt water) pool. If you want a water aerobics suit that covers (one piece with bike shorts legs) try

BTW, I've been researching inflammation as it relates to obesity. You might enjoy this blog

He recommends a Paleo-style diet plus Vit. D and Fish Oil.

I set my goals for the challenge, but I will definitely have to tweak them as I go along.