Monday, May 2, 2011

Pilates, Bill-Paying Walk to City Hall, and an Answer for Jacqui on Fasting Workouts...on Day 84 of Phase 5

Hey, all. No scale today. Woke up for Pilates and rushed to drink the water and the caffeine (so I could do my fasting workout properly). I needed a bit more sleep to make it to 5 hours (yeah, Pilates days I don't sleep enough), and my policy is that unless it's an official weigh-in Sunday rush, I don't weigh without proper sleep. It always affects it negatively. Though I suspect had I gotten good sleep, I would have had a nice one. :)

Got to the studio and one of the staff who hadn't seen me in a while looks me up and down, up and down and goes, "Um, you look really different." I said, "Yep. I am different." She says, "No,  I mean, REALLY different."

Heh. I like dat.

Okay, the workout was tough. She gave me fewer rests to keep my heart pumping. I got slightly woozy at one point and we finished up the last sets on my back. I asked for an extra workout this week (on Wednesday), so that I could just ramp up and take advantage of a good breathing week before more pollen onslaughts cometh.

Got home, and I saw a bill had arrived (water and trash from the city). I decided to just walk the couple blocks there and back and pay it. Now, that sounds like NOTHING. But for years, I let hubby pay the bill cause I didn't wanna drive or walk TWO FRICKEN BLOCKS each way. Yes, I had that little vim and energy. And forget on warm days. No way. I'd pass out at 280 or 299 or 250 pounds trying to do that.

Now, I routinely just up and briskwalk there and back without a second thought about if it's 88 degrees or I'm sweating.  Having energy rocks!

Jacqui asked  this under yesterday's post:

You've mentioned something about a fasting workout lately. I guess I missed the explanation of that. What is it? I'd be interested in checking into it.. because it really seems to be working for you.

Well, I'm still in the experimenting stage. But for now, I can say, YES, it IS working nicely for me. I tended to be a much slower loser. As I incorporated I.F. and then Fasting Workouts, I noticed my belly fat really burning off. The proponents of I.F. who claim it improves insulin sensitivity must be on to something, cause my stubborn visceral/belly fat is surrendering (at last). Now, you didn't ask about IF (you can google Intermittent Fasting and get plenty of info); you asked about my Fasting Workouts.

Basically--and you won't believe how simple this is, and it's not a new concept--you workout WITHOUT HAVING EATEN for a spell (with only water and caffeine in your system) and then do not eat for at least one hour afterwards. There's a metabolic/physiological reason for doing this. You can read THE NEW EVOLUTION DIET by De Vany to get the whole scoop. Or google it. :) Here is a statement from the book:

I go to the gym in the morning, not long after I wake up, for the simple reason that a workout is more effective if done on an empty stomach. You burn more energy this way. Sometimes I have a cup of coffee first, but nothing more; the caffeine starts the adrenaline flowing, increases blood flow to the muscle, and mobilizes glucose for burning. That, too, runs counter to what you may have been taught. The idea that you should eat first—the “experts” usually counsel a big helping of carbs, supposedly to fuel your muscles—is actually counterproductive if burning fat is among your goals. Later I’ll explain why it is better not only to exercise hungry but also to put off eating afterward for up to an hour.

I decided to try his system. I like it.

So, how I do it for maximum results:

I intermittent fast when I can before the workout (ie, go 14+ hours without eating, ideally 17+, dinner having been my previous meal, natch). I drink 2 to 4 glasses of water first,  and then about 30 to 45 mins before working out, I drink a caffeinated beverage (1 to 1.5 cups is what I do). For me, it's a nice fresh cup of java. Strong black tea is fine. I prefer coffee as it has more caffeine.

Once the caffeine is nicely in the system, I work out HARD. It might be for 20 mins or it might be for 55 minutes, but it's not a little stroll or some side bends and two push-ups. It's going for it!  WORK THE MUSCLES. Breathe hard. Pump the heart. Sweat.  Which is why I like to do it in tandem with my trainer-guided Pilates or a PlayWalk with Hubby with Sprints. Both make me go for it. Get to the muscle fatigue.

I'm not gonna explain the science. Read the book or google and find the discussions. But this is what I've experimented with a couple weeks and my weight loss has nearly doubled and it's COMING FROM MY DANG BELLY AT LAST!!!!

I find I can work out BETTER at Pilates on an empty stomach. I can imprint harder, I can be more flexible, nothing is in my gut impeding. I can bend over without refluxing. Nice.

Anyone who is insulin resistant really should give it a shot.

So, Jacqui, hope that helped. Try it. Let me know how it goes for you.

Note: I'm assuming those who want to try this have checked it out and confirmed it's okay with their physicians. I have multiple medican conditions, and I wouldn't do ANY tough exercise without an okay. Some medical conditions contraindicate fasting (especially blood sugar disorders). So, use your head and use your doc's advice!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

The fasting exercising sounds good. I'm glad it is working out for you. I might try working out like that whenever I can get myself back into the workout groove. It is hard right now with the heat and my lack of energy.

Suzan said...

I do fasting exercise. Works for me.

❦ fitcetera said...

Saying you were a much slower loser is an understatement, my Dear!
I think you were going backwards back in the day. It was heartbreaking to watch you struggle so much.
That's why it's such a pleasure to see you now in your groove with a program that is working astoundingly well.

I'm going to have to give the F-workouts a try. I'd have to stop eating super early in the day in order to get a decent fast in though.
When I'm on dayshift I'd be getting up at 5 to workout. Do you think eating at 4 would be early enough?

Jacqui said...

thanks so much for the information on fasting workouts! It sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately I am diabetic. I'll have to discuss with my doc at my next appointment as to whether it is something I can try. I'm sure he would be ok with it, as long as I test my sugars before, during, and after, and eat accordingly. But I'll definitely check with him first.

I'm going to do some googling tonight. :)

Susan said...

You have the bomb blog. You have all this info on the sidebars and pages! Thanks for the explanations! I was wondering as well. I read the reviews on the DeVany book. Sounds like and interesting read. I don't like to eat right away when I get up anyways and when I incorporate exercise into my diet very soon, I will do a low key dontwannadieyet version! LOL. Thank you so much. You should syndicate or whatever commercial bloggers do and link up with the online newspapers...Good job!

Candy kankles said...

Im so glad u found what works for you so well! Thanks for the info!
*off to google*