Monday, May 23, 2011

Assorted Pics: One year Check of Fatwings THEN and NOW...and yeah, they hang!...Dinner Out Sleeveless Outfit...New Shorts and Tank in XL from Sports Authority..and look, smaller belly! Wooo!

Lyn of Escape from Obesity, one of my favest of all bloggers, fatfighting and otherwise, has had a hard time lately with her upper arms.


Hey, all of us who've been fat/are fat/were very fat prolly have issues with that body part. While fat, we hate the big ole ham arms. While slimming, we hate the emptying skin that crinkles and hangs. When at goal--I'm not there, but I've read enough blogs to know-- we hate the empty sac of skin and think about plastic surgery.

Yeah. I hate my upper arms. But I've been wearing sleeveless since last year. I figure if you don't like seeing my ugly upper arms, too bad for you. It gets too dang hot in Miami and I've gone too many years covering up and tolerating the raging hot-humidity. Last year, with hot flashes still occasionally striking, I said, "I NEED SLEEVELESS" and I let my freaky arms fly!

Here's a pic of my fatwings last May, and even after TWO YEARS of Pilates in this pic, there they are, with more muscle, but oodles of fat:

May 31, 2010 --fatwings at 266 lbs

 Here are my fatwings today in my new purple Soffe tank:
Fatwings at 198 lbs on May 23, 2011, after Pilates (excuse the dirty hair)

I found my new workout wear to be great for Pilates. For an 8 buck tank, worked lovely. I like functional CHEAP. Snug, but not so snug as to impede Pilates moves. We did ALL sorts of new stuff today and trainer was woohooing my increased flexibility and ability to do stuff even harder and better with less abdominal fat. I felt pretty damn great doing the Cadillac stuff! I need to get another pair or two of these shorts. They were super comfy and stayed in place, and if I could find the tank with a V, even better. In some positions, the edge of the decolletage hit my lip. I need it a bit lower.

First, me in a purple top back in Nov of 2008 at nearly 280 lbs:

Purple Top at 278 lbs...Nov 2008.."I gots HAMS for arms!"

Aspire 7 inch Bike Shorts ($17) and Soffe tank ($8) in XL; arms hanging naturally.
Nov 2009 at 268 lbs. I was pressing my arms close to body with effort.

Still lots of torso/back/arm fat to lose!

Belly is not as sticky-outie. This pleases me no end.
Older pic at 268 lbs. Compare.

Sweetest Hubby in the World and Pic-Taker, and He Pleases me No End!
 Anyway, that adorable man I married took me to dinner last night. I have had stress/mood issues creeping back up, and this cheered me up immensely (especially since it forced me to pretty up and think "date" attitude!)

Yep. I ate more than planned cause that no-crouton Caesar Salad was soooo crazy good, but dang, that was a lot of dressing! I couldn't even guesstimate how much that dressing was...and I ain't happy with that. No bread, no dessert, lots of amazing decaf made in a Frieling French press right at our table. I ordered three, this was so good. About 6 cups of coffee. Yum. Hey, and fluids!

Anyway, the Princess is solidly back on plan TODAY! No dressing orgy. But here  I am, bare arms in view:

Don't care if anyone thinks they're gross. I felt pretty and had fun and did lots of smooching of hubby between cafe sipping. Fitting MORE than comfortably in a booth. Lotsa room.  Life is good!~~

Well, I had my post Pilates fluids while uploading all these pics and I can have my lunch salad and fruit.

I wish you a very happy Monday and may this be a great week of fatfighting. Encourage a fatfighter today!



LighterMomProject said...

you look amazing! well done!!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Looking good, Princess. I have the bat wings too and wish I could afford surgery. Of course, they are no worse than my panni so it will just have to be what it is. I go sleeveless too, especially around the house and yard. People don't have to look, just as your said.

Joy said...

You look simply mahvelous, dahling! Love the pics and new clothes!

Floriana said...

What I am noticing on your current upper arm photo are nice muscles. That's what I do when I look at my own upper arms, too. I'd rather marvel at my ever growing and getting stronger biceps and triceps than the flappy bits.

You look great and oh how sweet your relationship sounds. Lucky your hubby and lucky you. :)

Lyn said...

You look INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! Just wow. What a difference all your efforts have made! Boy, we have been in this for the long haul, haven't we?? I love that you are still here and trucking along making your body healthier! Thank you for the years of support and inspirtion :)

Marilee said...

My goodness! What an incredible change, you gorgeous creature!

losingitallandlovingit said...

You really have come a long way! I just started using blogger and found your page from another one and wow! I'm really glad to see other people getting the results I hope to eventually achieve! I also wanted you to know I liked your blog so much I actually posted a link to it on my blog :)

Lena said...

The changes are amazing. :) I'm another that wears sleeveless even at my highest weight. They don't like it, they don't have to look.

Anne H said...

You look great!
What a guy you've got!
You are one of the good ones!

lv2 said...

You're looking Great! Lv the new tank and shorts.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really look amazing, what a comparism. Keep it up.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Oh I love those pictures! I actually wish I had more of me at my highest weight. You have changed so much and you just sound and look SO happy! I need to build the stinking muscle in my arms, I just got the flap of fat still! You're clothes are awesome and I LOVE you're new "cheap" workout clothes. I always love a good deal!

FatAngryBlog said...

I love all the pics and you look so gorgeous and HAPPY in that last pic! I LOVE it!

Kelly said...

Love the pics and you're kick ass attitude.
Look how skinny your legs are! Wow, girl. Good job.

So proud of you. I love coming by here and seeing you rock the weight loss world. :)

Stephanie Hill said...

You look marvelous. Thanks for sharing. You're very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

My biggest fear in the wedding dress is the fatwings! I'm meeting with a personal trainer next week to talk about upper body toning but I know there will be extra skin to deal with. If you want a copy of the notes of exercise she gives me, I'm happy to pass it along.