Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OMG, Did you just see OLIVIA on TBL Finale this minute???

Still don't know who won, but she looks AMAZING. HOLY FAT CELLS, that dress is crazy hot. And her legs. And her ARMS!!!!! Wow. She looks killer!

(Didn't like the red dress much, hated the pink-n-black "bridesmaid monstrosity" dress...)

Um...okay, Great line-up of ladies who lost a big-big-big number of pounds....So happy to see a woman win the at-home challenge. Yes!

(Note: Olivia won.  Two ladies win! Well, she's got a great dress for painting the town in celebration. And the moolah, too. ; )  And isn't that the THIRD woman to win who wore PINK shirts? Is that like the lucky color?)

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NoMoreFattyMom said...

Those two girls were my favorite throughout the entire season! So glad to see them make it that far TOGETHER! They both look awesome and their attitudes are SO inspiring.