Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Chose Against Sense on Tuesday; Here's Another Day for Better Choices

OK, I did not warrior-it-out yesterday. I had a SECOND tossed salad with dressing and a second helping of chicken breast at dinner. I chose to self-indulge. No excuses. The brat, clearly, is still making the decisions. But, hey, no truffles!

Today, I had my first Pilates "class", after having done privates from June 2008 to June 2012, before we had our income go down about 12%. Pretty significant difference. It went fine, as some folks cancelled, so it was just two of us doing the Reformer set. I worked hard, and I worked out still sore from Monday.

Yesterday, I walked 30 minutes, struggling with a bit of knee instability and "foot drop" in my left leg. When the damaged knee acts up, the foot acts up. Just how it is. I did do the "open to a random page" thing before going walking to get a verse to meditate upon, and it was beyond suitable, when taken in a different context than intended by St. Paul in 14th chapter of the epistle to the Romans, when taken for my particular situation: Do not, for the sake of food, destroy the work of God.

In a very real sense, those of us who overeat are destroying one of God's works--ourselves. Food is not more important than we are.

Anyway, Plan for the rest of the day, movement: I'll test to see if I can do the walk today. It's in the plan unless I decide to just rest it. The day is warm and lovely, so might as well take advantage, if possible.

Plan for the rest of the day, food: Stay at or under 1700 calories. When I have some good 1700 calorie days under my belt, then go down to 1600, and then to 1500, where I'll settle for a spell. I'll evaluate 1400 later. Right now, just staying under 2000 again would be mighty nice.

Since I Kindled the updated version of BEATING OVEREATING, now called DITCHING DIETS, by Gillian Riley (which I mentioned in the previous post, where you will find an Amazon link), I'm committing to reading some chapters out of it before I do some house chores and get to my writing time. I need to get to the point of BEST choices, and, clearly, I ain't there.

Looking forward with hope and faith.

Be well...


Kari said...

It's time to take control! You've come so far and learned so much about your body and what it needs, try to put it back into action!



Jordan said...

Hi Buddy!
Just want to leave a note to say that you're in my thoughts. Keep blogging. Keep rocking what you know how to do. Keep showing us how to maintain consistency of actions - small changes implemented every day. Actions lead to results!
I am doing well. Very busy, can't blog from work any more. I'll post soon.

Angela Pea said...

No truffles is always a good thing. ;)

It's warmed up considerably here, so I'm off on a long bike ride at lunch time. I have to deliver some documents to a client on the other side of town, and I can get there by the river trails!

Have a great weekend, Mir.