Thursday, January 10, 2013

Being Sedentary Kills...and Thirty to Sixty Minutes at the Gym Doesn't Fix it All...

Might wanna read this if, like me, what you do at work and/or home is mostly sit.


Traveling Light said...

Blech! I saw this report on rock Center this evening.

So, here's my conclusion... If regular workouts don't do the trick and what is needed is regular, frequent movement on a daily basis, then I'll skip the daily walks and just focus on cleaning my house with enthusiasm and vigor.

It's a win/win. :D Although I keep an orderly home, it should be scrubbed up more often. (It's 10 rooms,you see, and some get neglected.) So, my house will be shiny, that result, and the effort to get it done, will combine to lift my mood. Wahoo.

Yes. Super-scrubber, that will be me.


Karen said...

Thanks for posting...

I totally notice a difference. My job is variable, sometimes desk, sometimes standing and walking, and usually a mix.

When it is all desk, I have to reduce my calories or I will gain. Or I break up my walking and moving around as much as I can.

Even with a 2 hour commute and my job , I can still get in 8,000 to 11,000 steps per day.

Before I had a pedometer- I grossly underestimated my activity. No excuses now. I head back out if I do not have 8,000 or more in for the day.

Once I got to maintenance, I spend more time cooking and cleaning- standing up and less time watching TV. More time up, moving around and listening to pod casts.