Friday, January 11, 2013

Yep. The Shark Done Gone Been Jumped AKA Medically-Assisted Bulimia

Our fat global population has an enormous fricken problem when THIS is a viable, marketable solution.

Did they stop to consider folks can't keep this thingamajig inside them for life (just like many folks gotta get the adjustable band removed due to erosion, complications, etc). And then it's massive regain time. I mean, they ate all they wanted all along, where's the behavioral change once the device is gone?

Eat all you want.

Sit all day.

Don't believe you can change.

Pig out freely and we'll take care of it with assisted "puking."

Bulimia, sponsored soon by your insurance.

Hey, weight loss is tough and diets fail vastly more often than they succeed. I'm struggling to get back in rolling mojo control. Others struggle. Even some folks who have had bariatric surgeries struggle.

But this device...I just shake my head.

Permission to continue to overeat. Geez, at least the lap band forced you to control portions. This is license to keep doing the damaging stuff that made us fat to begin with.

:::more head shaking::::


downsizers said...

This is preying on the desperate and weak. It is sickening.

Sunshine's Heart said...

I just can't imagine such a thing being legal or approved. We will see some serious repercussions from it.

Mrs Swan said...

Wow- I have no words for this. Just WOW!

Floriana said...

Seriously? I am just speechless. It's just... The world has really gone crazy if that is even considered a solution to obesity. Crazy.