Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First time i had two good workouts in a week since End of June 2012, no Kidding. But, hey, FINALLY Sore Again...(pics)

Been sore. That's great. A great feeling. Had a great workout Monday, and by Tuesday, the abs, shoulders, thighs, biceps and triceps, and pecs were very sore. Worked out today, while still sore, mind you; so I imagine I'll be extra sore tomorrow.

But it feels so good to just be moving again. I even danced a bit in the living room, cause it got dark fast on me and I nixed the walk. (Night-walking is an invitation to get mugged or something. Not a safe 'hood.)

So, here are pics of me after Monday and today's workouts. My curls held up. Thanks "Re:coil" on Monday. Thanks, "As I Am" and "Spiral Solutions" for today. Second day hair both times in the pics (curly-haired gals know what I mean, haha). Both taken in the coffee shop I visit after working out. I love their salads and the decaf is amazing (Sidamo, Ethiopian beans).

Today, in the restroom

Monday, window table, sunny day...
I wish MAC hadn't discontinued the CYNDI lipstick and lipglass. I'm wearing it in the Monday shot, and I love that color. When its gone, it's gone. I've got a dupe, but it's just not the same. If I wish hard enough, maybe MAC will give CYNDI another run.... (and I'll stock up like mad).

Moving's good for ya. Go move and build a bit of muscle. I need to get mine back. I can see the difference in legs and hips and abs and shoulders after 6 nearly totally sedentary months. Sucks. Ah, well, one good thing about muscle: You can ALWAYS REBUILD.

Happy Wednesday. Be well...


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to build up to more and more cardio and dumbbells in the next couple of months. We are in Summer in Australia and the heat just zaps the energy. You're journey from then to now is just astonishing.

Beth said...

Gave me a burst of happiness that you danced in the living room. Oh to feel like doing that!

And the lippie is a lovely colour indeed. Shame it's discontinued. I used to love makeup and wore it every day without fail but sadly haven't worn it in two years! I still love it though. Sometimes I watch makeup videos on youtube just to soothe my nerves, lol.

I've been sore this week from my meagre walks, it feels good.