Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 11 DDDY Challenge: The revenge of salt and, oh, the crappy sleeping is back I see, plus links to interesting posts from yesterday


Yay. Still in the '40s.

We had takeout Mexican, so the salt in the side dishes is taking a toll, and I will add, a minimal toll due to the crazy amount of water I glugged (compared to my past intake of, oh, a cup a day?). Fine. It's the up/down flow of daily weighing. Up/down of quality of sleep. Up/down of movement. It all impacts.

Drank my water yesterday plus. Stayed under my calorie limit. Didn't move hardly a finger, which is bad, but there it is.

The last two days have been okay calorie-wise, but the balance of meals has sucked. I had a heavy meal with a medium meal with a shake meal. I'd like to balance out the calories better.

I will say I was amused with myself and portioning. I mean, you don't get to 300 lbs unless you pretty much just ate whatever a restaurant served you and, maybe, even picked on others' dishes. Honestly, admit it. So, the fact that I was portioning out stuff and had this sort of "disassociated floating me" looking down at the portioning me and going, "Really? You're only going to have that much beans? You're really not gonna have all the chicken? What, no rice, no chips? Hold it! That's no way enough guacamole!"

Interesting split personality moment.

I enjoyed several posts I read yesterday. I think I will offer these two to you, one because it may offer a good opportunity for philosophical reflection re overeating/undereating and the other cause, well, it's just a really good and sensible post with usable tips and strategies (and if you are a successful loser so far, you will nod at various points cause you learned or are doing the same):

1. Obesity Strike: Day 32, In which I Implore Ye, My Vast and Expansive Readership, to Weigh In on the Morality of the Big Eatz
2. Ann is Living Large No More: Ten Changes for Success

Okay, so now, the boring stuff:

WS hot cakes w/ sugar free syrup
2/3 cup papaya
1.5 cups coffee
4 glasses water
bromelain/quercetin supplement (allergies are icky today)

calories for breakfast: 271 (carbs = 30 ; fat = 7; protein = 13)

2 glasses water


Subway Meatball salad (I like it better than the sub, I find, fewer carbs, more veggies, since I ask for all except pickles and banana peppers, to keep sodium a scosh lower, no dressing.)
8 oz Coke Zero
1/2 lower-carb protein bar (yum, felt like dessert)
Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and fiber supplements.
4 glasses water

calories for lunch: 433 (c=35; f=24; p=25)

(Plan to have a protein shake later and today is organic food coop pick-up. Nice.)

Click protein espresso drink
~made with 1/2 cup skim and water
2 glasses water

snack calories: 163 (c=18; f=2 ; p=19)


1 medium organic apple from my co-op box
1 WS vanilla shake (starving when I got home from errands)
2 glasses water

Calories for snack: 181

Calories so far: 1048; water so far = 14

DINNER: (scrounged for something REALLY easy to make, felt tired)

2 eggs, fried over easy (I love those Alderfer eggs)
1 slice of Ezekiel bread, toasted with chopped tomato and 2% cheese melted
1/4 cup mashed avocado spread on top of previous
1 slice deli turkey chopped and layered on top previous
(an open face sammich that was yumsy, though needed jalapeno)
cup of seedless grapes
1/2 protein bar as dessert
2 glasses water

calories for dinner:  582

Total Calories for Thursday: 1629 (131 calories less than goal/limit)
Total water: 16 glasses


Lanie Painie said...

No breakfast protein?

Princess Dieter said...

Yep. The WS hot cakes are lower carb and have 12 grams of protein. The papaya has 1. 13 total for breakfast. :)

I don't do no-protein meals. :)

Anne H said...

Glug glug glug...
That's me, drinking water with you....

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Hey, thanks for the linky love and for your comments.

Do you have email addy here somewhere? I would like to ask your opinion on something but not on a public forum. (oooooohhhhh, look at me being all secretive)

Good day going on, Keep drinking the water.