Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 13 of Son of DDDY Challenge: Down 1/2 pound, Not hungry at all so far, drinking my water, still breathing poorly and itchy and congested, and wish I'd cancelled training tomorrow...

Tanita-san says: 244.2  (already sent Allan the weigh-in for SofDDDY)

I am wanting to kiss Tanita-san today. Another tick down and it will be officially 55 lbs down.

Today, I'm moving towards cutting the fat as per my DNA test results (see previous post). I'm too breathing-impaired to move (activity makes me gasp really bad, asthma sucks). I'm not keen on adding too much carbs in right off, but I will begin to add more fruit and starches in the fiberlicious forms (whole grain breads, higher fiber resistant pasta, beans) and cut back on the fats. Hard, cause I'm a cheese freak.

Wish I felt better. I have a scheduled Pilates training session on Monday, as usual, and if I had cancelled 24 hours or earlier, I'd keep my moolah. Cancel later (like I did Thursday), and you lose your training fee. (Nearly 70 bucks.) Damn. I'll have to go or lose another wad of cash. I gotta learn to just cancel a couple weeks' worth when I'm sick, then reschedule when I can see I'm on the mend. Damn, I hate wasting the moolah like that.

The sweetest hubby in the Cosmos!
Nothing much else to say. I'm sick. Got my test results. My hips are tired of sitting. I want to breathe like a normal person. I want a metabolism like a normal person. I'm feeling a tad sorry for myself, but just a tad. Mostly, I'm glad I have a magnificent, wonderful, astonishingly great husband who got me a bit of groceries so I could just rest and recover, and who kisses me and tells me I'm doing great and how beautiful I am. This you can't put a price on, this sort of blessing.

Plus he's so hot he nearly makes me faint.

So, gotta focus on the positive. Not hungry, scale going down, hopeful that rejiggering diet may speed loss, and hubby rocks like Gibraltar.

Have a Sunday with some dose of bliss and beauty, okay?

Food log time:

BREAKFAST: (usual boring stuff, nothing to see here)
Egg whites with onions and mushrooms and 2 slices 2% singles
WS hotcakes with sugar free syrup and 2 oz natural applesauce
1 organic kiwi
1 tbsp Smart Balance to grease both pans used (1/2 of yesterday's usage)
2 cups regular coffee, 10 glasses of water, then 4 oz hot tea

calories: 464
fluids: 100 oz

2 cups Turkish lentil beef soup
3/4 cup fresh papaya
2 cups decaf
4 glasses water

calories:  547
fluids:  48 oz

didn't really have dinner. More like 2 snacks

Snack 1:
1 apple
1.3 oz multigrain toast with 1 slice Deli Select 2% cheddar
1 cup decaf
2 glasses water

calories: 246
fluids: 24 oz

Snack 2:
1 WS vanilla protein shake
1 bag Kay's Sweet BBQ Mix protein snack
1 serving ChocoRite sugar free chocolate almonds
2 glasses water

calories: 395
fluids: 16 oz

Total Calories:  1652  (39c-28p-33f)
Total Fluids: 188 oz

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Kimberly said...

I love when the scale plays nice. Great loss! :)