Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 14 of Son of DDDY Challenge: Where I begin my Carby Path, and Where I Still Can't Breathe Like a Normal Person, But Go Work-Out Anyway to Find that Lost Fat Makes some Pilates Stretches and Moves Soooooo Much food and water log...

Wow. Two more weeks of challengy accountability. What's this now? Four Weeks of Allan-Led Challenges?

It has been a long, long time since I've stayed on plan this consistently and this long and drank this much in fluids. Amazing to me. Gives me hope, I tell you.

Today's weigh-in kept me stable: 244.2

I did go to Pilates, even though I was gasping through it, couldn't control my breaths to coordinate with movements, and was suffering. I figured I needed the stretching and strength-training to keep me in the right focus. She tones it down some and I got through it. I must say, this asthmatic chick is proud of herself.

Since I am on the New Carb-riddled and Fat-eschewing Journey, I drove by Pollo Tropical to get beans, yuca, and rice. Oh, my. Granted, this is the food I grew up on and I love boiled yuca with garlic and EVOO. I love my black beans with a bit of rice (as opposed to the folks who do rice with some beans, I like a lot of beans and a little rice, even as a kid).  Because of the congestion, got me some Caribbean chicken soup for later. Got a salad at Subway (just veggies and some mozzarella) to split between lunch and dinner.

I really like seeing the progress in the mirror at the studio and in how much more I can move my arms behind me on the ladder barrel. I used to NOT be able to place my hands on the barrel when facing away from it to do a quad stretch--too much fat in my upper back and upper arms. I had to hold on to the ladder. Now, I can not only touch the barrel behind me, I can place my hands partway towards the middle of the barrel. I felt like throwing a party. Losing fat from your upper arms makes life easier, or at least Pilates. I totally feel the difference in some leg moves. More fat must have dropped from my belly and thighs, natch.

Okay, food loggie time--turn away if you get horrified by carbs, k?---->

2 slices whole wheat bread, toasted
1 slice 2% Kraft deli select cheddar cheese
1/2 cup scrambled Egg Beaters
1 tsp Smart Balance spread
(made a sandwich with the above)
3/4 cup papaya, fresh, with wedge of lime's worth of juice on top
2 cups regular coffee
6 glasses of water

calories: 325
fluids: 64 oz

2 glasses water
Iced coffee with some 2% milk (Starbucks) and sugar free cinnamon syrup (The Starbucks site calls it 24 oz, but with all that ice, I'm calling it 16 oz).

Calories:  190
Fluids:  32 oz

Calories So Far: 515
Fluids so far: 96 oz

LUNCH: Didn't feel very hungry 4 hours after BKFST (fiber!), but ate so as not to get overly hungry and then go nuts. Pre-emptive foodsy!

3/4 cup Pollo Tropical black beans
1/4 cup white rice
1 cup boiled yuca with 1/2 tsp olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
(felt full so saved salad for later)
4 glasses water

calories: 381 (calories so far-- 895)
fluids: 32 oz (met minimum)

DINNER: Wow. Definitely hungry 3 hours later. Had raw organic vegan stuff delivered.
3 cups corn and leek raw soup
1 serving raw green bean casserole
2.5 cups decaf
6 glasses water (2 before, 2 during, 2 after)
assorted supplements (Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, C, quercetin, Multi)

(I had to deconstruct and guesstimate calories, but man, didn't know tahini was THAT loaded in calories/fat. Shoot, that threw off my ratios and ate up a lot of calories. Shoot. But that raw vegan green bean casserole was amazing, better than the Thanksgiving one. Yum.)

Calories: 717 (calories so far = 1613)
Fluids: 68 oz (fluids so far & not counting soup= 196 oz )

Snack: Hadn't planned on one, but was very hungry. Had intended to make a small bit of regular oatmeal with some milk, but the Quaker Oats I had had expired. So, I resorted to the WonderSlim protein oatmeal:

1 WS oatmeal
1/8th cup skim milk
2 glasses water
calories: 141

Total Calories: 1754
Total Fluids: 212


Beth said...

Your exercise tenacity puts me to shame. Well done. What a trooper. Good luck with the new eats. Am very curious to see what you find out along this path!

Allan said...

Not so bad, I know a lady with almost 15 years of Al all the time...

Anne H said...

Looks pretty good - even great!
Atkins said not to stay on induction forever....
And these plans still look within a great ringe!