Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Been Looking for Plus Size Workout Wear? Get 40% off starting NOW at Danskin's Black Friday Sale!

Well, though the selection is limited, and shame on them for that (they got rid of the longer racker back workout top that is excellent for Pilates/Yoga/Working out in general), my fave pieces have come from DANSKIN PLUS.

Right now, they're having their Black Friday sale: 40% off. Over 75 bucks gets free shipping. I got a haul--leggings, t-shirts, capri, bootcut pants. I even bought some 1x (I started at 4x in 2008 and now I wear 2x comfortably) for future use, since this is a great discount.

Head to, hit the "plus" link under the header, and use BLKFRI10 for the coupon code. I really love the bike pants, leggings and, most of all, the capris for working out. I like the bootcut leggings for comfy everyday casual wear. So comfy. Wash well--and I wash these babies weekly and they hold up. I've tried Junonina, Champion, Lane Bryant, Avenue, JMS workout stuff. None of them are as good as the Danskin for me.

In these pics, I'm wearing:
Upper left: the navy bike shorts with the navy racerback workout top (didn't see it at the site) in 3x.
Right: 3x Black capri leggings. (t-shirt is not from them, it's a comfy $7 cheapie from Old Navy).

Go work out in comfort!


Jaime said...
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Anne H said...

Dude - I bought a Goupon deal for Old Navy....
Then I got SOOO busy, I let it expire.
What a deal. Oh, well - live and learn!
Looks good, though - on you!

Katie J said...

Thanks for the tip!

Colleen @ Goodbye, Fat Girl! said...

Thank you for the tip. When I first started working out at the gym I was SO self conscious about what I wore and that IT would make me look fat. HELLO, it's my fat that makes me look fat. After a little while what the others thought didn't really matter to me anymore. I like the Danskin stuff too, but have only found it at Walmart. I will check them out online!