Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 15 Son of DDDY Challenge: 4/5ths of a pound down in one day (did I poop it all out or what?), and where the wheeze continues, making me worry about health and the holiday, and where carby love continues, and where I ask you to recommend a "buttery" lite spread that mono-sat heavy...food/water log, too

Whoosh. Yes, you just heard my sigh of relief. I was afraid that with my 1. super salty lunch from Pollo Tropical and 2. Super Carby Day of eating--268 grams of carbs, to be exact, when previously I tried to stay between 100 and 160-- that I'd have a water gain.

Maybe I pooped out more than water weight. hahaha.

Tanita-san says: 243.4

Yesterday was 244.2

Me happy.

I did feel hungry pre-bedtime. Very hungry last night. This may be a function of less protein in the raw vegan dinner meal. Mebbe. The protein oatmeal helped loads, but I definitely went to bed hungry. That hadn't happened but one other time on this challenge, early on.  Carbs do make me hungrier, but I just did what Allan said: add more water.

It doesn't help that when I'm all asthmatic and crap, I have to increase my steroid intake. Yes, I take TWO types of medications (maybe more, didn't research the others) that INCREASE APPETITE: steroids, antihistamines. Without these, I could not function. I know. When the allergens increase in the environment, not much I can do but suffer, as I am already dosed to the gills with asthma and allergy meds. Except for my low-dose blood pressure med (which I may not need anymore in about 25 to 30 pounds), all thre rest are to manage my asthma and allergies--a boatload of em. More than 250 bucks in co-pay's worth a month. But I can function, not fully normally, but enough not to want to slit my throat.

I do worry that my breathing won't clear up in time for Thanksgiving, or get worse, and then I'll miss the family to-do. Screw the food --though last year's was so delicious I wanted to swoon, and I didn't have pie or cake, I'm talking just the yummy bird and sides--I like seeing everyone together and play games and laugh at the hijinks from the wee ones.

Well, worry fixes nothing. I'll just keep the hope all will be well. And eat my lower fat, higher carb food. I have to say, I look forward to chomping away on legumes. Love my legumes! Today, I wanna hit the pineapple and cherries, all nice and anti-inflammatory.

I may try to the the low fat Mayo Clinic type diet (more protein, cause I'm all about satiety) and then segue as needed to lower protein, more good carbs. In fact, for those who like their fruits, veggies and carbs, and who prefer lower fat, and who plan to do the next stage of Allan's Challenges Series (I forget the name, Spawn of Son of DDDY? Demon Spawn of...hehheh), here is a 1200 calories sample Mayo Clinic Diet menu.You could google up 1200 calories diet plan, and you'll get various options.

Anyone know any good, not freaky, not yucky lower-fat buttery spread thing with no trans fats and more on the monounsaturated side of things? Let me know.

Boring food log now:

BREAKFAST: (I tend to feel fuller with eggs/egg whites, and I still had some high fiber/low carb tortillas, so guess what I had...yep.)
Egg, lowfat cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, salsa in a 50-cal tortilla wrap.
1 cup fresh pineapple and 3 cups coffee
6 glasses water
calcium, fiber, and vit C with quercetin supplements

calories: 335 (30/13/33--the fat was okay, but need to reduce amount of egg whites next time to get more in "line")
fluids: 72 oz

LUNCH: (ooooh, look, I get to have TWO slices of bread!)
2 oz lean ham and 1 slice 2% American cheese on
2 slices lower-cal whole wheat bread
1/4 cup cucumber slices, 1/4 cup tomato slices, a few leaves of spinach
1 tsp lite mayo, 2 tsp dijon mustard
2 cups coffee
6 glasses water
magnesium, vit C and quercetin, Multivit, & cinnamon supplements

calories:  366 (49/9/26--this is more like it, low in fat, still a lot but less protein, more carbs)
fluids: 64 oz

2 glasses water

Calories so far:701 (79/23/59)--about 49% carbs, 14% fat, 37% protein
Fluids so far: 136 oz

DINNER: (hubby wants Mexican, so it's gonna be Lime. I asked for two chicken tacos and a very small guacamole, small pico, small salsa--small meal for me, cause I loves me Mexican and usually order more. He's not home yet, but that will be the plan.)
2 crispy grilled chicken breast tacos (lettuce, light sprinkle of cheese)
salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole, black beans and mixed lettuces in a bowl for salad.
fresh cilantro
3 cups decaf
6 glasses water (4 before, 1 during, 1 after)

calories: 667  (56/34/41) balance is off again...
fluids: 72 oz

Total Calories: 1368 (37-28-35 <---total fail in terms of test rec's, this is "Better Balancer", not "Fat Trimmer")
Total Fluids:  208 oz

Note: I felt pretty unhungry most of the day, which is good. No snacks needed. However, about 1:30 in the AM I was mighty peckish. Was gonna have a protein smoothie (60 cals) but saw how late it was and nixed the idea. I kept the fat lower, but not low enough (should be UNDER 40 grams. The higher protein kept me satisfied. I think I'm gonna aim at first for 50/30/20, cause it's hard so far minimizing protein and optimizing carbs. I think I need to stepladder it to the genotype balance.


Julie said...

I hope your breathing clears up too. It's not fun to miss something you so look forward to going too.
You are doing awesome. Hungry is not a bad word, it's just the fat cells being lonesome and it's good for them to be lonesome sometimes.
Keep up the great work. Thank you for stopping by. Now take care and have a blessed afternoon!

Kimberly said...

Yeah, hope you feel better soon. That is no way to spend the holidays.

How do you feel energy wise on this new diet plan? Do you have more or less than you had before the change?

Princess Dieter said...

So far, only a couple days, and still not perfectly on plan (working out the bugs on how I'm supposed to eat), I feel the same energy-wise. My energy is compromised by the asthma/congestion, but it hasn't dipped at all. And today, no hunger. Which is good. Well no hunger so far--two meals in. :D

Anne H said...

Not slitting your throat - that's good, right?!