Monday, November 8, 2010

The Day's Particulars and If Your Pooping Habits Changed With Dieting, Consider Magnesium. Warning: I speak poop talk here. And it's TMI.

Okay, figured I should continue to stay in the habit of posting water/food for next challenge, Son of Double Dog, which starts tomorrow. If you wanna join, go read the posts on it Allan has blogged.

But before the tedious logging ensues, a word about poop:

Back when we ate about two horses and 1 heifer's mass worth of food a day, things probably moved along perfectly. I mean, one's bowels no doubt were eager to get rid of huge quantities to make room for more. Lots of fat in pizza, cheeseburgers, fried chicken, fries, chocolate, cookies, cakes, chips, etc...that also kept things really slippery and moving along. Prolly sometimes in a too-soft or liquidy form for a few of you.

As I mentioned in a comment at this blog entry at the blog called The Woman Inside Me, I take magnesium supplements. These, in fact.  I began taking them in the 80's for my asthma, and after I had stopped taking it for a spell, went back to it when I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome in the 90's. You can google up and read on why it's good for asthmatics and prediabetics, etc.

One of the good extra effects is that when I take it with my Calcium supplement, it negates the constipating aspect of the latter. I bet it will help those of you eating less/eating less fat/eating low carb, too.

I divvy up my 400 dose into 200 and 200 and I never have issues with the runs. (If I take the full 400 at once, that can happen a bit, though not always. Not so much the runs, as just softer stool.) It's good for your bones, in case ya didn't know.

When I used to eat like mad (quantities) and fattier, I pooped tons. When I ate organic and high produce (I'm talking like 13, 14 servings of fruits and veggies per day and higher carb than now, cause I was eating lots of beans and oatmeal), I pooped like a dream, often 4x a day. Beautiful nearly non-stinky stools. Amazing.

Now that I'm eating WAY less and WAY less fruit and beans/oatmeal/carby things, I poop about 2x a day (sometimes 3), and it's not as magnificently effortless. It doesn't hurt, but back in my high fiber (like 50+ grams a day), high produce days, it was like it magically disappeared from my butthole and into the septic tank. I hardly had to wipe, I swear. It was like perfect pooping. :)

Lower carb means less roughage, so it's not the magically disappearing sort of #2. I do have to wipe, baby wipe. (I am nuts about being really clean after any bathroom duty, so I use more baby wipes than a hospital neonatal unit.)

So, there you go. Water and magnesium. And eat your healthy fats. That should keep things nicely moving along. I love a good poop. Makes you feel lighter and and sprightlier.

Okay, food and water dullsville time:


WS hot cakes with cinnamon and sugar free syrup.
WS vanilla cream protein shake
8 glasses of water
2 cups of coffee

Calories: 308

SNACK: (started just egg and fruit, then morphed. Maybe looks more like lunch?)

1 egg, boiled
11 seedless grapes and 1 medium organic apple
1 pack of Crum Creek organic soy nut mix (soynuts, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, sea salt)
1 cup coffee with creamer (a splurge, I normally drink mine black)
4 glasses water

Snack calories: 353

Lunch:--where I revert to eating a plethora of veggies, cause I was craving them

5 cups of organic mixed greens
1.5 cups roma tomatoes
3.5 ounces mozarella
.33 cup of Cubanelle Peppers
.5 cups organic baby spinach
.5 cup cooked organic mushrooms
2 tablespoons balsamic vinaigrette
.5 cup orzo
1 cup eggplant and squash ratatouille
2 tsp EVOO
hot tea with sucralose
4 glasses water

(Yes, I went nuts. Ate too damn much. I waited too long without a snack and, bam.)

Calories for lunch: 889

Dinner: (I went over calories. My mistake. I forgot to account for the orzo and olive oil on SparkPeople, so I miscalculated what I had left. I corrected the numbers on the tracker. but I ended up over. Oh, well. Crapola happens.)

1 hard boiled egg
1 tbsp lite mayo
6 thick slices cucumber
2 small celery stalks
1 high fiber roll with 1 tbsp peanut butter
1 WS vanilla cream protein shake
2 glasses water

Calories for dinner: 401

Total Calories : 1951
( I know I burned off AT LEAST the almost 200 overage--and I had lots of 'savings account' from the last week, but this still bums me out. I hate that I made that dumbass mistake. Teaches me to be more careful and log BEFORE preparing meals.)

Total Water: 18 glasses
Other fluids water content: 6 glasses worth
Total fluids: 24 glasses (192 ounces)

I am stuffed. Totally fluid and fiber and produce stuffed. I had 15 servings of fruits and veggies today. Whoa. I guess I'll be storm-pooping in the AM.



Val said...

Hmmmmmmmm... Lots o' food for thought here ;-)

Poop is a sensitive subject for me; let's just say I have issues since DS left me w/a Grade 3 perineal tear. Yikes. Any more would be TMI on MY part!

Gertie said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one to take poop seriously! ;)A good poop can make for a great day! LOL I also agree that baby wipes are essential! How clean can you REALLY get with a dry piece of paper?? Ok.. I'll stop now before I sound really weird.

Ann (-28 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

I'm livin' the perfect poo reality right now, and never knew it could be like this. Every day is a good day. My system loves it! It is just ... yes, I have to say it ... poorific!

Lanie Painie said...

Thanks for the poop scoop!

Kimberly said...

Oh my lord I was afraid about posting about my problem. I am totally going to try the magnesium. Thanks for the info.

This post and comments are making me LMAO right now just so you know. Who knew poo could be such a topic? LOL

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Yay for the poopz talks.

I have cal mag, haven't taken it in a while, will go do so now. I'm bunged up (as they say here in this bleak and dark and freezing country) and in need of some relief. I'm drinking fibre drinks but they ain't a workin.