Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 22 of Son of DDDY Challenge: Breathing is getting almost to normal, about dang time, and I slept 13 hours, and here's some nice J-Pop.

And Tanita-san says: 241.2

1/5th down since Sunday. I was wondering if the increased carbs yesterday (I had a big ole serving of oatmeal with fruit as a nighttime snack) would stall things. Slow, maybe, but not stall so far. We'll see as the carb-experiment continues.

Breathing is not normal yet, but it's getting there. I was able to finally sleep--13 hours total--which is always what I do when the asthma starts to ease: I crash and make up for the crap sleep in previous days/weeks.

Hubby is picking up rotisserie chicken, rice, salad for supper. I'm totally lethargic. The Long Sleep took its toll on my energy levels. And totally freaked out my schedule. I got up at 6pm. I hate having to make corrections and be on more normalish hours. Sucks.

Nothing big to report cause, well, I've been ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am mellowing to Utada Hikaru music...she makes me wanna sip coffee and look out the window and chill...seriously. Gotta put some on the iPod: "Beautiful World", "Stay Gold", "Prisoner of Love", "Nichiyo no Asa" (which relaxes me so much I wanna go back to nap). Here's some Neon Genesis Evangelion clips with  "Beautiful World" as the music. (The song is used in the anime, and it's really obvious the dude who put it up likes Rei, as he features her nekkid scenes, R rated): 

Nice song, huh? Translation here.  Love the piano bit going through. Makes me get a similar feel to the great intro theme in ANGEL BEATS, but without the initial melancholy.

So, hubby's home and it's CHICKEN time!

Food time:

5 oz chicken breast (rotisserie, no skin) and 1 cup white rice
1 tomato and 2 cups lettuce with vinegar and 1 tbsp shredded parmesan
2/3 tbsp EVOO
2 cups coffee
1 bag Nutritious Creations hybrid cookies
8 glasses water (4 before, 4 after)

calories: 648
fluids: 80 oz

Egg white omelette with 2% cheese and mushrooms
1 cup cooked spinach and 2 Morningstar soy sausage patties
2 cups decaf
8 glasses water

1 bag Kay's protein mix sweet BBQ flavor
1 serving sugar-free chocolate almonds
1 medium pear (mostly eaten)
2 glasses water

Calories for day:  1458
Fluids for day: 184 oz  (41c/30f/29p<--more like Zone than Low-Fat/High Carb...)

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Anne H said...

Are the gluten and/or milk products causing any problems?
With the breathing?? Hey cool - more Anime! I am starting to be a real fan.