Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 12 DDDY Challenge: Out and About and HUNGRY without the water

Today, Friday, as I posted, my WI was 248.8. I found my appetite was higher, and I attribute that to not drinking water until 1:30 pm (other than the cup I used to drink my morning meds). I was out at a doc appointment, went to the diagnostic clinic to set up an appt, dropped by the gynecologist to make that appt, went food shopping, went to D'Lites, etc.

I didn't get to have more water (2 glasses) until I got to a bagel place for breakfast (veggie cheese omelette, bacon, coffee, split pea soup). Yeah, I was famished by then. Water does make a difference, people.

I went to GNC, bought some vitamins and 2 bottles of water to drink in the car. Drank one, as I still had to get to the home bathroom and traffic proved crappy.

Had some D'Lites lower carb lower calorie frozen treat (100 cals), water. Water. Water.

Had coffee and protein snack mix (Kay's Sweet BBQ Mix, 120 cals). Water. Water.

Lunch was curry chicken salad on mixed greens with a side of "health salad" (essentially raw cabbage, carrots, tomato, peppers in a vinegar marinade). A bit of coconut water to counter some of the earlier bacon/cheese sodiumd damage. Water.

I felt my appetite tick up today, but I fought it. At the bagel place, I insisted on omelette only--no bagel or potatoes that come with it. I could have nixed the soup, but I really needed something FAST, and that was the most tempting of the soup trio available. I had a cup. Salty.

So, breakfast, snacks, and lunch added up to 1599 calories. With hours to go!

I figured I'd use my "savings account" if need be, which in the last few days added this way:

131 + 85 + 277 = 493

If the hunger doesn't abate with water and protein shake, then yes, I'll dip into the savings account. But I have the weekend to go, rather not. We'll see. Only having 161 calories to play with sucks. I will deal. It's about learning to live on one's daily allotment. I will deal.

Final Update before Bed:

Day's total calories: 1729 (31 under limit, making my "savings account" 524)
Day's water: 17 glasses
Breakdown was weird: c33-f42-p25m


Tena said...

Yum. I love D'Lites! Your sounding very strong and positive. Congrats on the loss!

Allan said...

The poster child for the Challenge AWESOME