Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 1 Son of Double Dare You: My minimum/optimum water intakes, what I should weigh on Dec 8 with each eating "goal weight maintenance", and investing in pantiliners....

Phase 2 of Allan's challenge, dubbed Son of Double Dare You, begins today and I'm pleased as water-rich punch to be part of it. I liked the way I felt in control, not too hungry, and motivated these past two weeks. My best dieting weeks in YEARS. I kid you not. YEARS AND YEARS.

The camaraderie of the online challenge has been surprisingly cheering. I discovered this with the Summer Slimmin' challenge back June through August. I didn't meet goals and was not all-hearted, but it did click something in me. I realized I liked that accountability structure of being in a challenge with bloggers I liked and felt comfortable going down the weight loss path with. That's why I felt glad to join DDDY. I realized I'd been primed by the previous challenge, and thought I could do even better this time, since my mood issue improved, my motivation was good, and I was already reading the blogs of several of the challenge-mates.

Anyway, the freggie-fest yesterday and poopstorm this morning (ah, a magical one, freggies will do that) made for happy scale results:


The bit o' bloat (249.4 on scale yesterday) was taken care of, apparently, by the potassium and fiber goodness of those 15 servings of fruits and veggies, plus my kidneys were able to process things nicely as I got GOOD sleep. (I bloat with bad sleep. Eliminate with good sleep. Always. A given.)

I had a very odd macronutrient breakdown yesterday in my 1951 calories, too: c36/f43/p21

Okay, so, off we go to Phase 2. Allan posted:

Phase One proved better than the math !!! The lower weight on December 8th is based on the larger amount of water helping the diet, keeping you full, and flushing out the crap. You do not have to adjust your calories ingested to hit this number, the water will take care of that. Drinking the minimums will get you a great loss anyway. Some of us are anxious, others not so much. Either way, it is all good, this is not a contest. You will be sending me your weights on Sunday afternoons via EMAIL. The regression formulas can be tweaked if you are cruising along, or if you are stuck. Every week the water is adjusted based on your progress.

It's interesting stuff, yes?

So there's a minimum water intake, which I can manage, as I've met it on some days already on Phase 1. And there's an optimum water intake, which Allans says will ACCELERATE weight loss, a theory he's confirmed with medical and nutritional professionals.

Anyway, the particulars for me (and I'm "Princess Dieter" on the chart) are these:

Starting weight: 248.2
Goal Weight: 160
Goal Calories: 1760
Minimum Water (oz):  115
Optimum Water (oz):   135
Weight on Dec 8 on Minimum: 239
Weight on Dec 8 on Optimum:  234

As you can see, the added water--which works out to 17  8oz glasses-- is expected to accelerate weight loss by FIVE POUNDS. And I will specify that this includes all fluids--coffee, tea, flavored water, plain water, crystal light.

For some of y'all, who drop 5 pounds on a regular good dieting week, I will note this is FIVE WEEKS of me watching my intake carefully and drinking water and exercising. I do NOT drop weight easily. My Metabolic Syndrome, hypothyroidic, autoimmune impaired body just doesn't do the quick weekly drops (unless it's just bloat). Well, I suppose if I ate 600 cals a day, mebbe. Only mebbe. ; )

Five weeks "accelerated" is five weeks closer to my goal. I'd like that. 234 on December 8th. Yeah, I'd like that a lot.

I haven't been that weight since 1998. Twelve years.

Okay, so I'm in and looking forward to peeing my pants on a daily basis apparently. And I'm only half joking. I was in the bathroom every 20-25 minutes yesterday. Had to go right in the middle of a Pilates move in my training session yesterday. I sneezed hard watching LIE TO ME, and whizzed my undies a "wee" bit. Ran to clean up and get changed and not miss any Tim Roth-y wonderfulness. For post-menopausal women whose bladders are the size of peanuts, one word: Pantiliners.

Off I go:

Starbucks Reduced Fat White Cheddar Turkey Bacon Egg Sandwich
1 egg fried in 1 tsp Smart Balance (added to sandwich)
2 cups regular coffee
8 glasses water

fluids: 80 oz

SNACK: 3 hrs after breakfast--only mildly hungry
1 WS Vanilla Cream protein shake (8 oz water used)
4 glasses water (32 oz)

Calories: 100

Calories so far:  556
Fluids so far: 120 oz (minimum met!)

LUNCH: (ate late, cause hubby worked late, so it was more like suppertime, so very hungry by then)

1/2 cup cochinita pibil
3 cups mixed organix greens and 1.5 cups romaine lettuce
1.75 cups of non-fat kale/white bean/carrot soup
1 tbsp parmesan cheese and 1 tbsp salsa
2 tbsp cilantro dressing and 10 peanuts
1/2 cup cucumber slices and 1 medium tomato
1 cup D'Lites low carb/lowfat frozen dessert (Almond Joy Flavor)
1/2 WS caramel nut protein bar
1/2 WS chocolate crunchies
6 glasses of water (48 ounces)
assorted supplements

calories: 1211

Calories for the day: 1767 (7 cals over)
Fluid for the day: 168 oz (met and exceeded accelerated level, not counting soup)


Ann (-28 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Five extra pounds lost in a month, just by increasing fluid intake by 20 oz. per day?! That is awesome, Princess!

I'm running to the bathroom like crazy (every hour), but I am easily getting my fluids in. Plus, as referenced on my blog this morning, I found a fantastic article that explains we won't be running like this all the time - just while the body is adjusting. Check out the article. I posted the link on my blog post.

I'm like you, the challenge is fantastic for motivation - isn't it? And I can't argue with the results. LOL

Keep up the good work!! xx

Allan said...

I am waiting for the Princess lightbulb to go on. You commented on another blog that you felt the numbers were optimistic. If you ingest the higher amount of fluids, can you eat 1800 calories ? Hmm...Not as much hunger, not as much food, water passes through, and flushes out toxins...Oh boy, maybe he is onto something ? Stay the course, you are doing awesome.

Kimberly said...

I am totally on the drown myself in water plan. It works. This challenge has super charged my motivation and to know there are other people in it rooting for me as I am rooting for them makes it all the sweeter. We can so do this.

The bathroom is now my second office but I believe it is going to be worth it come December 8th.

Anne H said...

Hee hee! been there, done that...... who hasn't, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm not a blogger but have been reading your blog for long time. Have commented a few times. I happened upon the DDD challenge at exactly the right moment and I wanted you to know I have been doing it right along with you and just like you I have never had such good eating/control/weight loss!! It is SO FREAKIN EMPOWERING! I absolutely LOVE the dailyburn website and absolutely crazy about the ease of entering my foods, water intake and watching those fat/carbs/protein stats at any given moment. IT IS POWERFUL for me!!! I have lost 3.2 pounds. I had a few bobbles due to extreme muscle soreness/fatigue from heavy workouts and I have to admit there was a second there where I was like WTF, forget this. But I reached out to someone, told him about it and he said it is a proven fact that extreme muscle soreness will cause you to flood your cells with water/retain as the body tries to regulate the lactic acid and get back to ph balance. Made sense to me. I increased water even more and you know what? 2 days and it's all gone. I am even more aware and interested in eating very well, very clean, very organic. The sugar cravings I had a month ago are nearly gone. I could just go on and on and on about all these little victories from eating this way and following this challenge but you get the picture. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing and thank you for this challenge! :D Allie