Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 6 Son of DDDY Challenge: Yes, Tanita-San likes me again! And looking to an end to my "morbid obesity" by midweek....and food/water log, sure


(Starting weight for Son of DDDY was sent in last Sunday as 248.2)

Oh, man. How great did seeing that number feel? Yay! Finally loss is showing. Tanita-san is no longer miffed with me and showing icky upticks. Back on goal-ly track.  52.6 pounds down now.

Once I'm under 246, which I hope will be by mid-week, I'll officially stop being MORBIDLY obese. I will be SEVERELY obese. Still sucks, but sucks less.

Not much else to say. I'm glad my talk about cues helped someone. :)  I really do think that unless we get to the core of our eating habits--cues, stimulus, automatic behavior--and understand that our brain is both enemy and ally in this fight, we simply won't lose successfully--and by successfully is lose it and keep it off. Behavioral modification is necessary. Not helpful. Necessary. Vital. Essential. New thought paterns are essential. New coping mechanisms. Self-awareness.

Support is nice, too. I mentioned to hubby how I have missed pizza (we used to have it 2 to 3 times a week for years, then once a week once I began weight loss blogging, lately, much less often). I mentioned I'd go to the store and get some whole wheat pitas and make me one at home with sauce and cheese to satisfy the craving. I mentioned I needed some natural (no sugar added) applesauce for my hotcakes, as sometimes I liked to add dollops of applesauce for an appie-pie vibe (with cinnamon, mmmm).

Well, I woke up and went to get the paper (he always wakes up first and puts the paper in the kitchen for me). Well, there on the counter was a bag of mini whole wheat pitas and a six-pack of natural applesauce. The man loves me. :)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled boring food and fluid log:

BREAKFAST: (I was craving artichokes. So, I had a lot.)
1 cup egg beaters omelette with one chopped tomato and
2 slices Kraft 2% Deli Select Sharp Cheddar slices (cooked in nonstick pan with Pam)
1 can artichoke hearts (150 cals worth) sauteed with 2 tsp olive oil and garlic
2 cups coffee and 1/2 bag of Kay's Naturals Sweet BBQ mix protein snack (lower carb)
8 glasses water (4 before eating, 1 during, 3 after)

calories:  626
fluids:  80 oz

2 glasses of water

none, having a date night out

DINNER:--date night. Chose a restaurant where I know the menu is limited (mostly seafood, which I can't eat) and they put grilled chicken breast on the menu for me (since I hate dark meat and all they used to carry was half a roast chicken). Hubby likes the pork and burger. Was planning on broccolini and carrots on the side. Whoops. They went and changed the menu. No more chicken. No more of the appetizers I used to order. Had to recalculate. Was so tempted to have veggie orzo, but I recovered. ; )  Caved a bit to bread/butter basket, but minimally, thank God.

Grilled Pork Chop with cranberries on side (I ate almost none of the cranberries). Chop was listed as 10 oz, I removed the loin part from the bones, cut away the fatty circle, was left with approximately 8 oz of loin. I ate half.
Steamed broccoli (the menu only listed butter poached, but I requested steamed, no butter)
few olives
1/3 cup or less of hummus with 1/2 pita (appetizer)
1 very small piece of French Bread with 1 tsp butter 
salad of about 1 cup mesclun and onion with about 3 tbsp of gorgonzola with vinaigrette
3 cups decaf
6 glasses of water (3 before food, 2 during, 1 after)
Went to D'Lites: a cup of low-cal frozen chocolate dairy treat
fiber supplements, magnesium, Calcium, D, multivitamin

Allan's water trick works. I ate less than half of what I'd normally eat at that place. I had half a chop's loin left over. I had bread left over hubby took for his breakfast. Hummus left over, though it was a small appetizer and hubby and I both ate from it. Even some pita left over. Nice. Was very, very full. I still had to mentally work the saying "no." I really did. I kept wanting some of the raisin bread, French bread, hummus, hubby's potato croquette. But kept drinking water and saying no. No . No. I had more than maybe was ideal at one sitting, but still very happy not to have forgotten water and gone nuts on the fatty pre-entree stuff. The decaf helped, too. Normally, I'd have espresso AFTER. But I figured MORE fluids was in order. THANKS, ALLAN, for the water gorging.

estimated calories for dinner: 969
fluids with dinner: 72 oz

calories so far: 1595
fluids so far: 152 oz

Total Calories:
Total Fluids:


Ann (-29 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Yay!! Leaving morbid obesity is HUGE. I can't wait until I get to cross that threshhold too - maybe in December. (I hope, I hope) I'm so excited, I can't wait for you to post the news!! Congratulations on moving downward again. xx

Allan said...

Pizza secret
Go to the Pizzeria of choice. Ask to buy a cup of their pizza sauce and 1/2 pound of the cheese they use. Use your pitas with their stuff and it will taste just the way you remember without all the bread !

Kimberly said...

Yay, your scale played ball today too and gave up a lower number too.

And your hubby rocks. He listens! :)

Anne H said...

1/2 bag of Kay's Naturals Sweet BBQ mix protein snack (lower carb)
Must find out about this one. any good? How many carbs is "lower?"
Ah, the changes...

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Yay for the nearing move down the categories. It's always worth noting those milestones.

Your food sounds yummy. Mmmmm.

You are right about the behaviour modification, it is necessary, critical. Tough, yes, as you state. Going to get the book from the Library, sounds interesting. Now must get to work. (I lived to see another day!)

Roxie said...

Awesome loss!