Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 8 Son of DDDY Challenge: Bloat uptick (no worries, just sodium), the pee challenge at Pap Exam, and happy that 97% lean beef has fewer cals than I guessed! Oh, food and water log, sure.

So, it's another new day, and it's the second week of the Son of Double Dog Dare You Challenge. Tanita-San knew I had slept half my optimal hours and ate salty deliciousness last night, so he is quite right to have me at 247.2. A pound of bloatiness. Not cause for concern. I know how/what I ate, and I didn't go over calories. Whenever I'm in doubt, I purposely add to my estimates.

This happened today. I bought some extra lean ground beef cause I wanted a cheeseburger. That's what my mouth wanted, not the salty chicken-veggie soup I got extra of last night as take-out for today's lunch. I hardly cook ground beef anymore, and it's usually hubby who orders it out, so I just assumed more cals than what the scale and te Sparkpeople food tracker tell me. Well, the scale was to measure out 4 oz portions x 4 of the 1 lb I bought. Precooking, natch. Less than 300 cals for my bunless cheeseburger (reduced fat cheddar) that I onioned and garlicked and salted and peppered to my own taste. Yay.

I had a tablespoon each of sugar free BBQ sauce and reduced-carb ketchup.

On the side: oodles of onion, mushrooms, and zucchini. Like 2.5 cups worth. Sauteed in a non-stick pan with 1 teaspoon of EVOO. (I smear it on with my fingers so I can use less to cook, and it works. I have a Misto, but never use it. Fingers work.)

It was satisfying.

It was my second meal. I had breakfast (same as yesterday, so I'm only gonna post the calories/fluids, and if you are curious, just see yesterday's log) before the gyno appt. I only drank 4 glasses of water cause after my scrupulous ablutions,--including shaving, creaming, and spritzing my expensive Musc Bleu where it normally doesn't get spritz--I didn't wanna have to go to the bathroom that often, if ya catch my nethery drift. I did, as always, take towels, baby wipes, and a two-sided big mirror to make sure everything was nice. And I used them after my emergency pre-Pap "gotta pee the dang breakfast water". Then another right after.

One nice thing about drinking tons of water: Pee has no smell. It's like mildly yellowish water coming out of processing. :D

Okay, so the food/water log:

Same as yesterday in terms of food, coffee, supplements
2 cups coffee (16 oz) and 4 glasses water (32 oz)

Calories: 440
Fluids:  48 oz

As described above
2 cups coffee (16 oz) and 6 glasses water (48 oz)

Calories: 384
Fluids:  64 oz

Calories so far: 824
Fluids so far: 112 oz

3 cups sweet baby lettuce mix, organic
1 cup vegetable soup with 1 ounce chicken breast
1 tomato and 1/4 blue cheese crumbles for salad
2 tbsp blue cheese dressing
1/2 haas avocado
17 grapes
1/2 small Supreme Protein caramel nut bar
6 glasses water
2 cups decaf

calories for supper: 763
fluids: 64 oz

Snack: (couldn't sleep as asthma and congestion was bad--maybe coming down with something) and got hungry round 2 am.
1/2 cup egg whites (AllWhites)
1 2% Kraft singles cheese
2 cups decaffeinated coffee
Various supplements: extra C, quercetin, bromelain, magnesium, Calcium with D.

calories for snack: 110
fluids: 16 oz

Total Day's Calories: 1697
Total Fluids: 192 ounces

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