Sunday, January 16, 2011

What 232 Pounds Looks Like On Me (with links to me in the 270s on down) AKA I Hated Yesterday's No MakeUp, Ugly Outfit Pics, so I Call DO OVER!

For the 242 lb pics, HERE.
For the 252 pics, HERE.
For the 265 pics, HERE.
For roughly 278, HERE.

Same walking route with hubby today (such a beautiful twilit sky on the way back after this, the wonderful blues and moon and planets and stars and palm tree silhouettes and the scent of assorted subtropical blooms. NIIIIICE!!!)

This is more my usual workout stuff--a lot of black and navy, more formitting (for Pilates, that helps). This racer-back tunic, this is the first time I've worn it. IT FITS. I bought it a few years ago, but it was too tight. I was rummaging for something to wear (the pipes were replaced and the washer can now be used without causing a flood, but I didn't have time to wash my workout stuff). It fits! So happy. It's "minidress length", but I wear it with shorts under with a sports bra (in lavender). I put on lipstic and face powder and put some conditioner to moisten my curls, so I feel...a lot less dumpy and old than yesterday.

Here we go:

That's me laughing cause the wind is blowing the fountain water at me. :D

Compare to January 2009 in the high 270s, early in my Pilates journey, struggling to move down (I stayed around the 270s for ages):

Look at THAT BELLY! You can imagine how hard it was for me to walk into any fitness studio/gym!!!

ANYWAY...back to the present...
Fun walk. 30 minutes. Beautiful hubby makes the time go faster. And I'm willing to walk brisker with him cause if my knee/ankle/foot give out, I have a way to get help. Tomorrow, he's off and we don't need (I hope, Please God) to deal with anymore repairs. Our last weekend was also taken up with plumbing issues (different ones). I want to do something FUN FUN FUN....enjoy the winter. Miami is glorious in winter.

Happy evening to all! (Go walk if you haven't.)


Anne H said...

Awesome awesome wonderful awesome progress!!!
You look great!

spunkysuzi said...

I agree with Anne above but i have to add AWESOME!

Laryssa said...

Doesn't it feel so good when we fit into something that was too tight before??

And you sound like my sister braggin' about the hot Miami weather! :-D

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Where do you live? You look great, Princess but I would be freezing my ass off here in that outfit. You have done a tremendous job with you loss and I can see a big difference. Great Progress! But put on something warm so I don't freeze watching you. I was up this morning turning up our heat.

Roxie said...

You look so much happier in your newer pics!

Also, I miss Miami. Your blog reminds me of my time there whenever I read it and I get home sick. (who cares that my home is currently in michigan lol)

Though I technically lived in Plantation (Broward and Knob Hill), I spent a lot of time at Hollywood Beach and the Coconut Grove area.

Beth said...

Wow! You look about 10 years younger now! That is amazing. That is such a remarkable change.

Love the laughing pic. That says it all. Gorgeous.
Night y night. I am up way too late.

Natalia said...

Wow you look great!! :)

CarbSane said...

Hey there ... Just bopping over to check out your blog!

You're doing great! I was just surfing down the left bar and saw this.

I think I recognize that fountain. Royal Cancun?

Princess Dieter said...

Nah. Just a cute lil unicorn fountain in our average middle class, lightly rundown neighborhood. :) In North Miami Beach...