Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dance Central on KINECT

One word: Outstanding.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here:

The folks who came up with this baby did a truly, truly applause-worthy job. It's fun. Themusic does not suck. :) It's colorful. It gives you energy. You don't realize until you stop dancing that you're all out of breath.

Hubby is hooked on this. And he gets sore from the moves. :)

It's a fun way to increase energy for people who hate to exercise, cause it's more like playing around, playtime.

I hate where we have it set-up (can't wait to get a bigger living room and be able to play around more freely). But this is a really cool product, well-done, fun, and it has the levels to continue to make it challenging.


Kelly said...

That looks fun! We have Just Dance and Just Dance2 and they're both a blast. Burns up a lot of calories too!

Have fun. :) said...

Great video - thanks for sharing! I have a good friend that uses her Kinect Dance daily, and swears by it. Nice blog, by the way. I'll check in regularly. Cheers!

FatAngryBlog said...

kinect looked awesome but when we bought the wii this xmas it was because it had more stuff geared to the kids and it was more affordable than the super-cool kinect -- but I can't wait to hear more about how you are enjoying it :>

Mrs. D said...

We got this at Christmas and I lurves it!! It really doesn't feel like exercise, but it does work up a great sweat if you play long enough! My husband hates it because he has no rythym ;)