Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 25 of Phase 4 Challenge: 72 lbs down; appetite had mild upsurge last night, then calm again; Deliveries of goodies; Stair exercise and the crunchy knee; and the 9% and the Challenges....

Scale: 227.0

That makes a nice, even 72 lbs lost.


Calories: 935
Exercise: Walking, stairs
Mood: calm, good
Hunger: minimal except for an evening uptick

Felt really suddenly with appetite while we were trying out some new animes last night. Caught me by surprise, as I've had a nice tamed appetite beast lately.

We were enjoying sampling Welcome to the NHK, about a quirky hikkikomori, his neighbor, an anime otaku, and the gal who wants to get him out of his reclusive ways; and Hayate, The Combat Butler, about a kid with shiftless parents and bad luck (even Santa won't give him a Christmas present), but whose fighting skills and haplessness lead him to end up as a rich gal's protective butler (and it's funny!) Also got to watch the third episode of Kimi Ni Todoke (very sweet, gently paced, often hilarious school romance, definitely NOT for guys), and the latest episode of Wandering Son (school life with a cross-dressing boy, his "might be gay" best pal, his sister, and circle of friends, and how they are coping with life issues). Hubby likes Infinite Stratos now (very predictable futuristic mecha school life meets "harem" thingie, that is funny, so I enjoy it.) If I can laugh, I like it.

So, there I am, anime-marathoning with the hubster, and I am HUNGRY.  I make him pause the streaming and make a quickie bit of egg white and fat free cheese with two cups of decaf tea and water. After an hour, I'm settled. No mad rush to eat more.

I ended up with fewer calories than I realized when I sparked them. I guess cause I had nuts, in my mind it was "Nuts, lotsa calories." But I weigh them, portion them carefully, so it ended up not so much.

I hope today the hunger stays DOWN. :)

I got deliveries: nuts of different sorts from The Nutty Guys (had a groupon, decided to try). Eh. The ones I get from Fresh market are just as good if not better. No big whoop. The other one was from Netrition: my EZ Sweetz sucralose drops for my coffee; low carb tortillas; no-sugar strawberry preserves I like in my yogurt and (when I allow it) my toast; sugar-free dark chocolate bars for my upcoming birthday party (my family is chockabloc with chocoholics, and I wanted the option without the sugar).

So, back to yesterday:  I went outside to do my stair stuff. I made it to the fourth stair sequence, but the crunching in my R knee was...well...quite offputting...disturbing. I wondered if I was further damaging it, quite frankly. Does anyone else's knees crunch? Ew. My L one, with the messed up ACL, will make snapping and popping sounds, and it will sometimes just give way (really unstable, and I cannot do pivoting sorts of moves without risking a jam or give-way). But the crunch is even ore disconcerting than the snaps/pops/creaks. Ew.

I envy y'all with great joints. Really, I do. :)

Anyway, if you haven't seen Allan's chart over at Almost Gastric Bypass, go take a look. I'm the fifth name down on his chart: "Mir". Pretty nifty, huh? The tortoise just hangs in there and does okay....

Have a Thursday your body will thank you for, k?


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Yes, my knees crunch, yuck. Nice on getting to the 4th set of stairs. I get confused going up and down and I forget which set I am on and how many times I've gone up and down! :-)

Nice on Allans chart. You're doing awesome!

Isn't it funny how some days you're HUNGRY and some days not? I seem to have more days of NOT hunger, yea!

Chubby McGee said...

"That makes a nice, even 72 lbs lost." You are SUCH an inspiration! Amazingly good work with the right choices made!!! Love it!

As for having a Thursday my body will thank me for...enh-enh! I'm dying from all the shoveling I did. LOL! Or...maybe it IS thanking me...shoot...I dunno. LOL!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

My joints aren't great either, Princess. I had Osgood Shlatter's disease in my knees when I was a teen. The treatment back then was no physical activity for a year. That is when I became a couch potato. Now I am left with weakness and popping and cracking. Sometimes they ache, like arthritis but even though it hurts sometimes, it doesn't do damage for me to exercise, like it would with an injury. I have some hip problems too but being obese for so long but I just try to do as much as I can and that has to be enough. I think you did fine and stopped when you had to. Hang in there. :)

Beth said...

My joints seem to be okay but they are not when I am heavy on the sugar, they give me terrible times when I'm in the sugar.

Congrats on the chart - 9% is an amazing loss. What a transformation you've made mentally in these last few months.

Gooooo tortise!

Kelly said...

Crunchy chips. Yum, but not good.
Crunchy veggies. Good
Crunchy knee. Not good. My elbow crunches when I try to do pushups.

Congrats on the loss, lady. You're one awesome chick. Great job!

Julie said...

Love finding your name on the chart. Mine made it too. You are doing so fine. 72 lbs, yeah!!!
Keep it up girl. This was a good Thursday for me. My personal best on my walk/jog, 5.58kms in 40:08.
Take care and God Bless!!!

MissMommie said...

I was wondering about the EZ Sweetz sucralose drops. I have a hard time finding a sweetener for hot stuf...tea and coffee. Everything I have tried leaves a funny after taste. I've tried splenda, equal, truvia, you notice an after taste with this? Great job on the weight loss!!

Diandra said...

My knees crunch, too. But they have been getting better since I started using fish oil capsules, as suggested by Lyn over at - no more pain, reduced crunching, and today I am even wearing low heels to work. Later in the day I will do my running training session, and tomorrow we will see whether that was a bad idea.

Mrs. D said...

First- huge congrats on the 72 lbs gone forever!!!

Second, even at 25, I definitely get the joints thing. My right ankle, hip, and especially knee are evil bitches when I run. It takes more for them to start protesting nowadays, so I hope your pain lessens as we go!