Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1 of P4 of DDDY Challenge: Water, 1200 Calories, Walking, Strength Exercises...It Begins!

Here we are. Day 1 of Phase 4.

Initial weight for challenge: 235
Expected loss if I adhere to the plan: 46 lbs
Expected final weight on May 1 with that loss: 189

If you're curious where the challengers SHOULD end up by challenge-end, go see the chart that Allan set up on the sidebar of his blog.

All through the challenges from October til now, DDDY through Spawn of DDDY, I generally fell right around or on the "average weight loss" for the group. Average loss for Spawn was 6 lbs. I lost 6 lbs. That was on a mishmosh of caloric levels that ranged from just under 1200 (the recommended lowest) to just under 1760 (the limit).

My first meal is done. I keep the print-out nearby, and I figure I will do that until I'm used to the pattern of how to arrange the meals/snacks so they follow the plan.

I will be reading and rereading it all week. I have a boatload of food allergies--the "Oh, wow" of the nurses last time they did the allergy testing was priceless, considering I was close to passing out--so what I can have may be a bit more limited than some. It just takes working around. I'm kinda used to that, anyway. I have on occasion had things I'm sensitive to and pay the price--hives, blooming eczema, stuffed nose and ears, asthma exacerbation, painful joints, etc--but I do try to be very careful, and I do not have those things that land me in the ER (ie, seafood). Sometimes, staying away from things for a long time (years) means I can have a bit (eg peaches this summer). Then I gotta leave them alone again for a while.

My egg white/toast/milk/juice first breakfast is outta the way and I'm sipping the last of the coffee (no cream, sucralose). I added cinnamon to the milk to aid with the glucose/insulin. Water portion for this meal is almost done, too. (I decided how to divvy up my 18 glasses of water for the meals/snacks.

I'm not full according to "obese food freak" basis. I am comfortable and not hungry. That's what we aim for anyway, right? NOT full, not stuffed, just hunger abated.

Pilates in one hour, so I gotta go shower and get ready.

Afternoon, Edited to Add:  Had an amazing workout. Evenw ith missing a couple of sessions over the last weeks of the year due to holiday stuff (trainer out of town, me busy with hubby), I had not lost strength. I did GREAT. I pleased myself and my trainer with what I was able to do. I told her about the challenge exercise, and she and I will work together to get me to work those squat/lunge/etc muscles as best we can with my F-ed up knees/ankle. I have to print out the exercise portion for her records, but we already included it and will include it with every session. There are always ways to get those muscles worked, even for folks with issues doing specific exrcises. My left knee almost buckled at one point, but you just focus on the abs, storng feet, proper back posture, etc, and do as slowly as needed NOT to injure. My trainer is certified and knowledgeable, so I trust her to keep me uninjured. I felt really strong today and that pumped me up. The lunge and alternate lunge (barre exercises that use the specific muscles) were  HARD. Interestingly, the barre ones were HARDER. I had to keep telling myself, "Get through it. Get through it." I suspect soreness of the buttocks/thigh/hip variety is in my horizon in 24 to 36 hours.  Once I take the full info to her, we'll work in the torso raise (we do stuff like that regularly, but I'll ask for these specific exercises to be worked into every session. Since I see her twice a week, that fits the initial recommendation for the minimum as per the plan).

Snack: the baby carrots/hummus (whoa, need to buy more hummus from the Lebanese place, they have a nice garlicky one.)

Lunch: I selected the turkey slices on salad option (used vinegar and oregano to dress it up) with the yogurt. I feel comfortably almost-full. Like breakfast.
Edited 11pm to Add:

The rest of the day selections:
Snacks: wheat cracker/peanut butter; string cheese

Dinner:  chicken breast with beans/rice and veggie

Hunger notes: Was CRAZY HUNGRY around 6:15. Could not eat dinner fast enough, but distracted myself til hubby got home so we could eat together. Wanted more, but didn't have it. After an hour, I guess the satiety hormones finally hit and I was fine, but it was a bumpy couple of hours. Ouch. Evening snack helped a lot to keep night-time impulsive eating (one of my weaknesses, and when I used to binge, it was nearly always  at night). I still "mentally" and "mouth" wished for more; but stomach quieted an hour after dinner and I gotta remember that. It will pass. Right? :D


I thank Allan for the info and daily motivational emails, and I wish my challenge-mates a stunning first day full of good cheer and no bad cravings. :D

Off we go...


Allan said...

Love ya too

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Princess, I'm with you today. I'm working on the new phase and hopefully will have a better showing by the time it is over than I did with phase 3. My mind just wasn't in the game and I brought my lack of success completely on myself. Time to take advantage of all the support to be found here in blog land and to keep my focus and head in the game. You are off to a great start today. I've gotten in my exercise and am working on the water. I just now decided to get something for breakfast so I'm behind on food but it feels off to me to eat when I'm not really hungry. However, skipping meals also sets me up for overeating at night. I intend to blog my little heart out tonight and whatever else it takes to keep my mind off snacking. I'm wish you and all the other challengers the best. I know we can do it if we put our best effort into it. Hugs. Sunshine

Anne H said...

Oh, I'm sure you'll do just fine.
Even great! You already are doing it!

Beth said...

Here we goooo... it looks great to me!


Look out Tanita San.

Kelly said...

You'll get used to the 1200 calories. Just choose things that give you the most bang for the calorie buck. Like veggies. And eggs. It's really hard to overeat scrambled eggs.

We can do this!

Kimberly said...

If I eat protein early I am good for a good 4 hours before I am getting hungry. And like Kelly said, if you eat the foods that you can have more of (like veggies) then you stay fuller longer. I am always full and not just merely comfortable.

You can totally do this. Focus on one day at a time, since that is all you can do anyway.