Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 11 of Phase 4: Where I have a couple weepy moments, exercise hard, haven't much of an appetite, and call up to get a pro's input to personalize me, tell you 7 things about me, and thank my supportive fatfighting pals!

Scale: 234.2 (nekkid, post poop, post pee)

Calories: 1173
Water for challenge: met
Exercise: rest day

Slept: a scosh under 7 hours
Hunger: a bit hungry round dinnertime, but that's it
Mood: still frustrated, a bit down

Okay, so Pilates is done today (55 minutes). She did a set of exercises that served as my alternate side lunges and, since I can't do regular push-ups either, we did several sets of modified ones on the barrel.

On the good front: one of the trainers who hadn't seen me in a bit came up to the Reformer right before we started working out and said, "Mirta, you're looking so good." I went, "Huh?" She said, "You're looking good! Really good!"

That was a nice thing.

Mid-exercise, I had another weepy bit. The trainer asked if I wanted to stop. I said no, and just kept doing my thing while tears leaked out. I wiped my face and pushed on. The hell with that. My chemical/emotional thing might be whack, but I'm not gonna let it interfere with my Pilates. :D

Trainer was great. Very positive, upbeat, encouraging...and I felt much better afterwards, as is usual with a good workout. I always feel better when I'm done and blood is pumping, joints are loose, muscles are warm...

Appetite has been on the low side and I didn't wanna make meals. But I am drinking my water, had my eggs/toast...yadda.

I already cooked the chicken for dinner (last night), so it's just a matter of adding the veggies and stuff.  I really like that Montreal seasoning, and so does hubby, so it's a keeper.

Because I have felt this emotional blip and have had the weight stall and am increasingly concerned about the starches/carbs with my insulin resistance/Metabolic syndrome, I made an appointment to see a local registered dietitian. This is the practice.  And this is the registered dietitian with whom I made an appointment TOMORROW.  I'm gonna take the challenge eating plan, print my food log since Jan 2 (I didn't log Jan 1 as we were out a whole lot), if I can--let's see what my old printer'll do--and discuss how I can stay in the challenge's 1200 calorie range while making a plan that addresses my hyperlipidemia, insulin resistance/diabetes risk, allergies (including seafood and citrus), hypothyroidism, autoimmune state,  eczema, asthma, and can incorporate foods I enjoy and allow for safe eating out. I'd feel better having this tailored to my own host of medical issues.

It's expensive (first visit is 200 bucks and subsequent less lengthy ones are 65 bucks. Ouchie. BUT...if we can find a way to keep me low calorie, healthy eating, and address those many individual screwy issues of mine to boot, I'll have peace of mind about the contiuing journey.

I also want to ask my doc to check my labs in a month after starting whatever program I'll be on--she may well say the challenge packet is fine, or she may modify it--to see if internally there's no issue cholesterol-wise or sugar-wise from the added carbs and that the emotional/mood issue isn't from the thryoid meds needing adjustment. Folks with thyroid issues know how mood is really affected by fluctuations. I've felt a bit shaky and apprehensive and I've had an increase in lost hairs in the shower, and it could be that I tipped a a bit into hyperthyroid from losing a mite 10 pounds since my mid-December consultation (although you'd think would make me show a scale drop,  the "hyper" thing if it's so, but anyway,  I was told to keep an eye out for symptoms as I lost weight when I saw endo mid-December.)

I feel better already having done that and to have continuing official monitoring while I'm working the lower-calorie/more exercise thing.

Anyway, on to a cheery thing: I got an award, as I mentioned, from Karen of Sunshine's Heart blog. Here it is:

Synonyms of stylish:
I'd never be tagged as stylish in the real world as I am not someone who tends to follow fashion trends and my hair is natural, not in the current mode. BUT...I like "sharp, smart, snappy, supercool." Oh, okay, so supercool doesn't apply to me. But I'll take it. Whatever it means, I'll take it. Thanks, K!
Here are the particulars of the award:
1.Post the award and link it back to the person who gave it to me.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.
There's a third thing about choosing 15 other bloggers. Um, okay, this is the part of awards I don't like, cause it starts to feel chain-lettery. So, here:  If you're on my blogroll and haven't gotten this, consider yourself tagged if you wanna. If not, I'm okay with that. :)

Well, 1 is done and 3 is covered. Here's 2...and you probably already know this stuff if you've been reading me from this and Once Upon a Diet:

1. I was born in Cuba, but my heart is American--so much so I was called a "cubana arrepentida" when I moved to Miami from The Bronx, which essentially meant I was too acculturated to the US and not "Cuban" enough for the Miami Cuban contingent. Too effin' bad. Both my flags are red, white and blue, and I love me the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the US, and apple pie. Though I haven't had any of the latter lately. My English is better than 99% of the native-born peops of the US I have met, even though for the first few years of life, all I heard was Spanish;  which just goes to show you become what you love. (I love fat, so I  guess that shows, too.)

2. I am a dual "ophile"--for Britain and for Japan. I'd love to take a Literary/Historical tour of Britain and see the historical sights (I know more British monarchs than US presidents) and literary ones (like where the Bloomsbury group hung out, the Lake District that inspired Wordsworth, the Bronte parsonage (Jane Eyre has been my fave classic novel since I was 9), and anywhere mentioned in Austen novels. I want to see the great cathedrals and museums and battlegrounds. AND...I want to do an Historical/Otaku tour of Japan, and see traditional teahouses, Kyoto shrines, Harajuku, castles, museums, and anywhere mentioned in cool animes. :D And , if possible, tour a manga publishing house. And Ghibli Studios--because I love me Miyazaki films! Who wouldn't wanna fly in the sky with O-Totoro!  And if I can get a good close up look at lots of those Japanese hotties with spiked hair and tight jeans, all the better.

3. I am married to a man who is ridiculously amazing. Why he married ME is a continuing mystery. But I confess that I am not worthy. He is a modern Rennaissance man--creates electronica music, has multiple software patents, drums wonderfully in various genres from jazz to J-rock, once set a Guinness record with his team for Ultimate Frisbee, has authored a book, speaks Spanish and English and some Portuguese and Yiddish, is tall and handsome, loves God, loves his country, never loses his temper, dosen't drink or smoke or cuss,  is great with kids, with dogs, with cats, is unliked by none, and after 28.5 years together, is still super-adoringly nuts in love his fat Cuban-American wife. :D  I am also a lot biased.

4.  I collect science fiction and fantasy art, books with retro SF Richard Powers covers,  and lip glosses. There is no connection that I can think of, other than they are beautiful and make me happy.

5. I edit at an online SF magazine and have sponsored and judged various SF contests (poetry, short fiction, and art).

6. I always do my own toenails and polish them with OPI varnish, usually some shade of red, from orange red to true red to blue red to burgundy red. I love me red toenails! Right now, I'm wearing DEAR SANTA shade that I put on for Christmas/New Year.

7. I like to sleep on my back. I hadn't been able to for 6 years, until just recently, due to obesity. I would choke in my sleep from the fat--sleep apnea. I've slept on my back for a month.

There it is. Seven things about me.

I'd like to thank the folks who offered encouragement to me this rather emotional week. I love you for it. Hugs all around.

Okay, time for more water and a snack. Happy Thursday to all!

UPDATE added: Just got back from doing my walk--25 mins. Gorgeous outside. Raspberry sherbet glowy clouds and chilly for Miami and breezy and it felt really good. Being all stretched out from Pilates (we did toe/heel stuff on the Reformer) means my feet handled it pretty good.


Joy said...

You've probably had this recommended to you a million times and if so, I apologize for the duplicate efforts, but do you take your measurements? I know at the end of the day you want to see the weight come off the scale but with all your activity, I imagine you have got to be tightening up in all kinds of places, even if the scale isn't showing you love.

At any rate, good luck with the dietitian. I hope they can offer some words of encouragement or ideas for you. Keep us in the loop!

Kimberly said...

I can't wait to hear what the nutritionist recommends. I have hypothyroidism too.

You and I have much in common. I am a history, literature, science fiction loving gal too. My favorite period is the colonial/revolutionary/continental congress period of U.S. history because dang those dudes were SMART in setting this grand land on its feet. Madison and Jefferson were like the ultimate tag team of greatness.

Laryssa said...

I don't have the hypothyroidism but I am diabetic (hubby has both). It annoys the crap outta me that hubby can eat whatever he wants and if he gains, he just eats a bit more veggies the next day and BOOM! pounds gone!! Me, I can't even look at bread without gaining!! Okay, that's a bit exaggerated but you get my point.

I hope the dietitian can give you some ideas as to what might help. You should have your levels checked anyway to see what might be going on there. Weight loss -- even just 10lbs can cause big changes when you have health issues like thyroid problems.

Good luck tomorrow!

Julie said...

I never thought of that, weight loss affecting my thyroid. DUH!!! Well I do claim to be the brightest bulb. That would explain the dropping, the hair loss, the weird mood swings not related to PMS. WOW!!! It's another 4 months before my physical but might have to call the doctor and at least have my lab work done before that. Thank you my dear for this insight.
Good luck with your appointments. Do share what you can, it will be intersting to see what changes or ideas they have.
Take care and have a blessed evening.

Julie said...

Crap, wrong words. I don't claim to be the smartest blub...heck sometimes the box of rocks is smarter. At least they'd read what they wrote before posting.
Take care.

Diandra said...

You should check your thyroid (medication), but as far as I know, hair loss can be a normal side effect of losing weight... for me it happens every time I have lost a "larger" amount of weight over a short period of time (like that one time where I lost 6lbs in 1 week), and it gets back to normal shortly after.

FatAngryBlog said...

Psst - I gave you the same award on Wednesday

And I was on your blog to post it as a comment but blogger stalled out so I just assumed it posted - guess it didn't -- LOL! Sorry hon!

Beth said...

Wow, there's a lot in this post! Firstly, I do hope that your low mood is on the upswing today. I can't stand that low weepy feeling. Gah. I know that all too well and let's hope that it passes, and quick.

I hope the visit with the nutritionist gives you some answers and a med review definitely sounds in order with the weight loss.

There is a saying here "more English than the English" to describe migrants who have adapted the English manner even more so than the English themselves - that's what #1 on your list made me think of!

And awww, what a lovely tribute to your husband. 28.5 years! Wow! Congrats on the happiness in your relationship, that seems a rare thing these days.

I was so excited when I could sleep on my back again but it took me way longer than it did for you, I think I was in the 180's before that happened for me! I must get a lot of fat in my neck or it was the big boobages, not sure which, lol.

Hugs to you in the hopes that today brings answers and some joy your way.