Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quickie Thanks Until I Can Post Properly

I'm super-rushed cause I got up LATE!!!! And I have to go shower an stuff.

I got an award from the sweet and darling Karen/Sunshine, and I'll post that later when I can do it properly.

And my mood is better though the scale, yet again, yet again, won't move.

I decided to rest yesterday, as I was so sore and given my dumpy mood. I read from an engrossing novel. I watched some new anime with hubby--and laughed and laughed and laughed. That helped my mood alot. Something about laughing until you're drooling will do that. Thanks to Beelzebub. I almost had an asthma attack laughing through episode 1.

I have no desire to binge, which is amazing, as usually a frustrating or vexing event will manifest as food-desire. So, Thank God for this favor.

Okay, off to get sweet-smelling and Pilates-wear clad...


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Good luck with your workout, Princess. Can't wait to see what you have to say later one. I love reading your blog. You provide me with a lot of truth and humor. Hugs.

Kelly said...

Soreness totally explains your scale frustration.

Here are some things I've read:
*After are hard workout, glycogen is depleted and when you eat sugar (from simple or complex carbs) your muscles will soak up a fair amount of it along with some water right away.
*When you work out hard, you get tiny micro-tears in your muscles. To repair, they retain some water to help the process along.
*Once your muscles get better even though maybe not fully healed, your body starts to move the water, waste, blood, etc. through you muscles much more normally causing you to “lose” the weight.
In reality, the weight gain is false.

Also might want to read:
The painful sensation come from pressure placed on the muscles due to fluid retention in the muscle area. The localized edema (fluid retention) puts pressure on the muscle’s nerve endings, causing a sore sensation.

So the scale will catch up. It's just a process that your body is going through. A painful process.
Right now I'm showing a 3 pound GAIN. It's all muscle soreness. It'll go down.

AlmostGastricBypass said...

It will all work !!! Smile !!

Laryssa said...

I read one of your comments on Allan's blog and wanted to share some info with you. Many people don't understand the science behind calorie cycling. My wonderful Dr explained this to me some time ago. What you do is take your daily calories (1,200) and multiply by 7 (7 days a week X 1,200 = 8,400). That makes 8,400 calories your calorie goal for the week. With calorie cycling, you don't "add" calories to your weekly amount ... you take calories from one day and add to the next and vise verse. For example, if on Monday you only ate 1,100 calories, you *could* use the extra 100 calories on Wednesday without changing your weekly goal of 8,400. There are many times that I eat below my 1,200 calories. Personally, I prefer to just look at it as I ate 8,100 calories a week = more weight lost. But you could use the "unused" calories from one day to the next (that's how I plan to manage with TOM from now on). Just don't use leftover calories from this week into next week because then the science won't work.

Hope this helps. And like Allan said, you'll pee it out soon enough! :)

Diandra said...

I am sure it will all work out in time. You get healthier by the minute, so-to-speak...