Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7 of P4: Weigh-in, Saturday Particulars, Challenge Challenges, "Christmas" for My Family (Part II, the 2011 Edition) , and Whose Book I'm Gonna Start Reading This Week!

Saturday particulars:

Calories: 1199 (that's hilarious, when numbers end up like that. ONE calorie away from a round number. Snarf.)
Water: yep
Walk: yep


Today's weight: 234.6
Last Sunday's weigh-in: 235.4

Last Sunday's weight as emailed to Allan (rounded): 235
This week's weight as emailed to Allan (rounded): 235

 Calories Mon thru Sat:   1216, 1019, 1205, 1205  ,1277, 1199
The average caloric intake: 1187

And the loss showing on my scale is:  0.8 lbs.

Waist and hips, the same. Upper thigh a scosh less there.... and the bust.

:::eyes rolling:::

Anyway....enough with that....

Today will be my family's "Christmas". Hubby wrapped the gifties.

I plan to take bottles of water and my own food/snack. I hope to do something a bit active.

I heard from someone who dropped outta the challenge, and I understand her medical/other reasons. Hey, it's very limited. We were warned, but I guess I thought limitation would be on crap, not, say, normal protein sources. In any case, it's what it is and we do it or we don't. No one is breaking our arms to force us, right? If we need to--or want to--do another plan, as long as we get healthy, no harm no foul. It's about eating a desirable amount and healthful foods...and things we can enjoy, too, to some extent. (I mean, okay, no enjoying a double fudge sundae). And it's about eating less so we can lose. I support challengers and non-challengers, as long as y'all are trying to get healthy and lose the fat, people, I'll blow my own wee bit of encouraging wind to your back!

Keeping motivation up matters, so this week, I'll be reading EATING LESS by Gillian Riley. Here's the gal herself:

I find her voice calming. :)

I've only read the first few pages where she talks about "myths" and it's really good.Just those couple of pages would have nabbed me in a bookstore.

So, what are you reading to keep your mojo going?

Happy Sunday, people. Another week toward the goal. Blessing upon you!


Anne H said...

She has a very soothing voice, for sure.
Half way between Euro and American.
I have to remind myself to eat.
I am simply never hungry till about 3 days.
Good numbers! heehee 1199.
Jeeze - go get a grain of salt, or something to round it up!
Sorry - my OCD is showing!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Right now I'm still reading through a book about using Mindfulness to help deal with depression. It is slow going as my focus isn't great for reading right now but it has already been helpful. I hope to get through another couple of chapters today.

FatAngryBlog said...

I completely agree with what you said here, "I support challengers and non-challengers, as long as y'all are trying to get healthy and lose the fat, people, I'll blow my own wee bit of encouraging wind to your back!"

Beth said...

Next week will show a whoosh downwards, I'm sure.

Merry Christmas. Hope you enjoy the day!!!!

Saving your writing post for tomorrow, I want to enjoy and I'm tired.

Julie said...

Good luck to one and all on the life style journey. It's not simple at all, it's lots and lots of hard work and we are here for each other. A bit of support, some information, ideas and more.
Have a great week. Take care and God Bless!!

Diandra said...

The only book I ever read on weight loss which I actually liked and found useful (besides the "scientific" books on what the body needs) was Geneen Roth's "Women, Food and God". And that's the case although I am not a fan of the Christian God... well, we can't have all of it, and her book is really, really recommendable.