Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 23 Phase 4 Challenge: Mellow, cloudy day...a pound down...eating when not hungry...wanna nap...but will walk! And some words for and a request of my Phase 4 Challenge Comrades!

Scale: 227.8

Okay, good. I want to have a good weigh-in and not stall again....so that number makes me smile.

I'm feeling uber-mellow today. It's the gray, cloudy day. It's hubby going in to work late (dental stuff) and giving me a sweet double-kiss this AM, which made me roll over and sleep until noon. Magic kisses. Calmed me all down.

Really don't wanna exercise. Today, I feel like napping, napping. BUT...I will. I put on my shorts, a sports bra, and now the socks and t-shirt will follow after this post. And sneaks. I will exercise, though I just wanna loll and dream and read and loll some more. :)

Calories: 1268
Water: Met
Exercise: walking
Mood: wonderful
Hunger: pretty much not there

Calories are much higher than if I hadn't forced some dinner into me. I was close to going to bed with fewer than 700 calories under my big, fat belt. I had no hunger. But I actually took a little nap before hubby got home (he worked late cause he went in late) and thought, "I did not have enough. Not enough calcium, not enough protein,e tc.) So, after napping, I made a meal and made sure to get the stuff I lacked. While I didn't really wanna eat, once I smelled the food and saw the lovely blueberries on my yogurt and noshed some cashews and tasted the perfect Florida avocado I cut up on my salad....it gelled. I got my appetite and enjoyed it tremendously.

It would have been easy to stay under 700, but it would not have been smart to rob my bones and skin of nutrients. So...I ate.

Funny, usually the problem is stopping eating. This week it's been making sure I get proper nutrition when I'm merely occasionally peckish.

I gotta enjoy this low appetite thing while it lasts. Cause these blessings tend to be transitory. Hah.

It occurred to me after reading a blog by a fellow challenger that it might be hard for some to read my posts of my good/happy/no appetite days when they are struggling. Yeah, I get that. When I was weepy and stalled and struggling, it was tough to see folks dropping 3 or 5 or 8 pounds a week and not having issues with the lunges or push-ups, when they were making me nuts.

It's all phases. Their easy phase will come. Mine will pass. We'll continue to go through hells, paradises, purgatories, heavens, and back again...that's just how it is. When y'all were breezing, I was dragging. When I'm breezing, maybe you're dragging. Let's just continue to cheer each other on so that we all make the finish line, no matter how much we flew or dragged or ran or crawled or did or did not manage to do all the exercises or managed to stay just or a lot under 1200 ......   We're a challenge group. We run this race together--or walk it, as the case may be.

We need to hang in together and care about each other's journey.

I don't know all the blogs that are on the Challenge. I know the names on the list--first names, nicknames-- but not necessarily which blog is yours. If you are on the challenge, the Phase 4 toughness of it, then drop me a comment here so I can drop in and say hi, especially if I never did and don't know who you are bloggy-wise. I'd like to "see" you. Say, hey, okay?

Happy, healthy Tuesday, folks. Keep going. The finish line is attainable for us. Keep going!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Good post. We all go through tough times and then easier times when dieting and working out. Some days I have no appetite. Other days I'm starving. Some days I have excess energy and do more than I set for myself. Other days I'm completely lethargic. We just have to work our way through it all somehow. I felt the need for a physical rest day today so I took it. Hopefully, that prepares me to be back on top of my game tomorrow.:)

Kelly said...

Good lesson in not comparing ourselves to others which can be difficult. We do it all the time when we watch tv, look at a magazine, etc. I know I do it constantly with the scale and running. We are each on our own journey but we're all on the same road together. We can do this!

Jo said...

I'm a fellow Challenger in Phase 4. And I'm just glad we don't all drag at once!

Jacqui said...

what a great post! I am also a Challenger in Phase 4. I've been struggling for a couple days, and this is a good reminder that it will turn around. thanks!

Mrs. D said...

I love Jo's comment!!

Sometimes it is hard reading about so many other people having a lot of success when you KNOW you're doing everything right. I have gotten upset (never at/with her, just upset) when BFF is losing big numbers after eating crap all week.. pizza, chinese, cupcakes, you name it. I follow my plan, and barely lose anything. It's frustrating, but it's going to happen. Thankfully, we have each other to keep pushing us forward when we start thinking silly stuff.. (okay fine, I was being silly!). LOL!

Beth said...

I am hitting a low and loving reading your happiness and enthusiasm, it reminds me of "the other side" of the troubled waters and that is so important. We all have seasons and most of us hit a good stride now and then and you are so right in seizing it for all it's worth.

It would be nice to have some way of knowing who is on the challenge - I struggle to work out who is doing it as well and I'm probably not great at noting it on my blog, maybe I should make it more obvious. Now I MUST put away this mile high pile of laundry. *sigh* I can barely stand the excitement of my life...

Anne H said...

I am pretty even-keeled....
not too happy, not too sad.....
lately, though, I have been dragging.
And your comments always let me know
that someone in the world cares. Thanks!

Maria said...

Yah, I'm not in whatever challenge you're talking about, but I'm having rough times. Since Christmas, I've found it hard to get back in rhythm and start losing. I know I'll do it, just have to keep working. Glad you're doing so well. :)