Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Day of the Spawn of SoDDDY Challenge: Feel Like CRAP! But Tomorrow Starts Phase 4. OMG. I Am Such A Freaking Wuss! Reading Jackie Warner's Book for Motivation/Information, and so here's a Jackie Quote on GOALS, plus A WW Motivational Calendar (And You Don't need to be in WW to benefit), and the New Year is ON, People, and I've got GOALS! GOALS!!!!

I would strongly recommend you not eat salty foods two days in a row, even if you're eating at goal-level calories. Not just cause the scale hates it:


But also cause you'll feel like caca when you wake up after 4 hours sleep (for the record, due to my particular health issues, my normal sleep is 9 to 10 hours. If I get less than 7, I feel it. If I get less than 5, I am someone you'd rather not be around. Seriously. Urp. I actually feel queasy. Bleh.

What a difference from my energy and vim just a few days ago. Of course, some cleaning agents I used after getting up (sink needed strong cleanser and I did the mirrors and dishes) didn't help with the whole queasy.

This is the last day of Spawn. I'm planning to eat closer to my goal calories. I need to get some of my green smoothies and more fruit in to try and debloat from all that sodium I feasted upon for two days running.

I am scared of PHASE IV. I am a weenie and there it is. Face the fear! Hah! I need to think of myself as tough, a warrior, able. But when I think: "1200 calories and more exercise", something inside me starts knocking its knees and trembling all over.

I'll deal. Or you'll just have to help me deal with lots of "Just do it, dammit, woman" comments. :)

I sent my starting weight to Allan for Phase 4: 235
(rounded number per his request)

If you want to see just how serious I got in the latter half of this year, here are my New Year's Day Weights (rounded) for 2008-2011:

2008: 275
2009: 278
2010:  267
2011:  235

One of these New Year's is not like the others....right?

In 2007, it was in the 280's, though I don't have the exact number right now (can't find those old calendars).

I bought the Jackie Warner book and started reading it last night.

Her plan isn't specifically 1200 calories in the book, so I want to see the packet to know how to shop. I'm worried about what's excluded, cause I have a boatload of food in the house and don't want it to go to waste. I'm not talking about candy and stuff, but FOOD that I've eaten on my plan so far since June. We'll see..

.I'm assuming it's safe to buy veggies, fruits, and foods recommended in the book (oatmeal, eggs, beans, lean cuts of meat and poultry--as I can't eat seafood--Greek yogurt, low fat cheese). The plan in her book has 5 clean eating days and weekends with 2 treat meals of no more than 1500 calories with the other meals in the day "clean".

It actually looks like a nice plan, but definitely NOT a lot of food for those of us used to, say 1600 calories or so..or more. But the meal plans are simple (for those not keen on a lot of kitchen stuff). I'm enjoying the book--the parts I've read.

Next topic: Here are some goodies from OTHER bloggers:

Go visit a newly RESOLVED Ann and see how you can set up sensible, action-oriented goals like her.

Interestingly, this cool WW Motivational Calendar for January has today as a goal-setting day:   This is today's quote:

"Set a goal today. It doesn't have to be for an entire year, or a month, or even a week. Set a goal you can achieve."
Thanks, Heather, for the calendar month of motivation.

Here's a quote on goals--the subject of the day,huh?-- from the lady on the far left of the Phase IV Badge (go to to see it, as I won't post it until tomorrow when the challenge starts):

Self-esteem comes from setting small daily goals and achieving them.
I like to set one large long-term goal and then several easy short term goals that are attainable.
When it comes to health and fitness, good short term goals are things like making to sure to drink three liters of water a day (burns 75-100 calories); eating one more vegetable and fruit a day (to speed up the metabolism); switching from processed foods to organic; and replacing factory farmed meats and dairy to free range and hormone free.
Most people I know don’t get up and exercise because they love to.
They do it because they know how good they’ll feel afterward.
It’s the same with setting those big goals.
Once you’ve hit them, you know it’s something that no one can ever take away from you.
 Read the rest of her quote at MIZFITONLINE in her entry titled "Jackie Warner Says...".

My weight goals:

~~I've set the goal to aim to follow the Phase 4 Challenge's 1200 calorie, healthful living /eating plan with the assigned exercise (I have no idea what the plan is yet, we don't have it. Freak-out to come.) 1200 calories a day. Ouch.

~~I will post my weight on the blog ONCE A WEEK, not daily. I think that may just be a tad silly for me. So, whatever day is the weigh-in for the Challenge, that's when I'll do it for the blog.

~~I will log my food intake on daily (which I've pretty much done religiously since we started this series of challenges in October.

~~I will continue to ingrain daily the water/fluid habit.

~~I will do one motivating thing every day, be it read a motivating blog, book, article, or say a motivating affirmation, or sing a motivating song, or dance the dance of motivation, or write a poem that motivates me, or blog a motivating blog, or read a motivating Scripture, or ask a perfect stranger to holler something motivational at me. Whatever.  EVERY DAY. ONE MOTIVATING ACTION, MINIMUM.

~~MY BIG GOAL: I've set the goal to make this the year I get UNDER 200 lbs. This is a beyond-huge milestone for me, physically and psychologically. If I make it down to 185 (and Allan's expert-guided plan promises to do this if we are diligent and faithful), expect an all-out party here in Princess Land. Oh, yeah, baby. That's when I'd stop being OBESE.

~~I have other non-dieting/fitness goals, but don't need to share those here. The weight one is priority one, and the others secondary. Cause a healthier me will make the others MORE possible, period. If I can conquer the fat monster that has plagued me for decades, damn, I can conquer anything. That's my view. So, onto Giant Killing...

Link me up to your plan of action/goals. You blogged about em, yes?

Happy Sunday, people. Think: It's already the second day of a new year. How time flies, yes?

See you tomorrow.


Diandra said...

If you want the salty taste minus the water retention, you might try and see if you like the taste of lovage (Levisticum officinale) with your food. The people in Berlin, my doctor told me, used to call it "Poor people's seasoning", since it can be grown on the balcony or windowsill and tastes like Germany's most famous brand of liquid seasoning (by "Maggi"). It does not taste exactly like salt, but it *does* taste like "Maggi" seasoning. ^^

(I haven't heard anything about lovage and water retention, and I guess there should be no problem.)

Beth said...

I didn't know that you were doing Phase 4!!!! How did I miss that? YAY! I'm so excited. You can do it, a bit of fear isn't a bad thing, it just means that you know that it might get a bit rocky along the way and well, that's probably true.

But yeah, you are right when you say that if you can conquer this fat monster, then anything is possible. This is not an end unto itself, it is the beginning of everything else. That's a motto that I tell myself often. This fat is "pervasive" - i.e. it affects every area of my life and dealing with it will bring benefits in every area of my life. We are gonna do this - wow, can't wait till you hit will be here before you know it.

And also, I get the nausea thing with lack of sleep, those are the worst days. Take care of yourself, feel better soon.

Allan said...

Another challenge, and Princess has decided to write about what is not coming. You have no patience at all. For the record, the food plan that we will follow looks nothing like what you posted. Please wait, and stop scaring people..

Kimberly said...

There is no need to freak out. Take it day by day and the weight will drop.

1200 calories ain't bad if you eat the right foods.

And lay the hell off the salt! It ain't good for you. If I can go cold turkey on the sugar and the chocolate (haven't had any since 08/27) then you can ditch the sodium.

/ ass kicking

I can't wait to see when you get below 200. I am trying not to think of that for myself and just work the plan. But it is so super close now. 2011 is gonna be a great year.

Princess Dieter said...

Allan, come on. I have a right to write about what's in a public book that anyone reading this blog can purchase! And, yeah, okay, maybe I am impatient.

Mrs. D said...

Hahaha!!! I got the book on my Nook and got the same thing when I started emailing asking if the diet would be the same as the book- not even close Allan said! So much for getting ahead, eh? We're just good students, that's all ;)