Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 18 Phase 4 Challenge: Not hungry--like at all; blood pressure meds may need ditching; Whoo, I BROKE INTO THE 220s!!!!!! ...And hooked by WHY WE GET FAT....

Scale: 229.6

Holy Whoas!

Very happy. This puts me now in 1996ish weight zone. More time travel backwards fat-wise.

For a couple months, I've had some wooziness on standing suddenly. Yesterday, after my walk, before dinner, when hubby came through the door, I stood up suddenly and just got dizzy. I had to lie down. I took my blood pressure and it was 118/60 and 123/61 (I took it twice, spacing the time).

I thought back on when I got on blood pressure meds. Yeah, I was in the 230s. So, it's quite possible that my low dose Ramipril is gonna be history. Right now, I may be stradding that zone where the meds will do too much for me at peak (when the drug is strongest in the circulation), while keeping me normal at non-peak.

I will have to see the doc to get her recommendation, cause wooziness, I don't like. Definitely the combo of losing more weight and cutting back salt have dipped my BP.

Yesterday's Particulars:

Calories: 929
Water: met
Exercise: walked 25 mins
Mood: excellent
Hunger: pretty NON-existent.

I really was not hungry. Had my usual multi-veggie egg white omelette and fruit for breakfast, with lowfat cheese instead of fat-free as I've been eating quite low-cal, so had leeway. I had zip appetite for lunch. I drank my fluids. Made chicken breast with some buffalo sauce and a lot of spinach and mushroom on the side. I ate maybe 2 oz of the chicken and forced myself to finish the veggies. I just was NOT HUNGRY. I was too low cal--less than 600-- so I rummaged my brain for what to get up my protein and nutrients (esp calcium ), so I made a Greek yogurt/walnuts/strawberries sundae and had a protein shake. That was actually pleasant and stimulated the appetite.

Am reading several books at once (I dip in one, then I dip in the other). The one that is most interesting to me of the three/four is WHY WE GET FAT by Gary Taubes. I had read his controversial GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES a few years back and thought it was amazingly interesting, with all the case studies, the historical-scientific-anthropological info. This one is an easier read, but certainly does make a compelling case.

In my case, his assertions have worked out. I do better lowering my starches/carbs. It worked for me on my own from June one (when I finally broke my years long dithering by going lower carb). I stalled when I added a lot more starches/carbs early in Phase 4. I began losing again immediately when I curtailed bread/pasta/rice/etc.

My insulin resistance is pretty bad. The skin of my inner thighs/armpit/back of neck had turned nearly black with Acanthosis Nigricans. It's MUCH lighter now in all those places (got better when I started lower carb). For me, the experiment is over: I don't do well on higher carb meal plans, no matter how much the government wants to push them. My body does not handle these. It just takes food and makes it stored fat. That's what insulin DOES.

If you suspect you're insulin resistant, you need to read WHY WE GET FAT.

Anyway, happy day, folks. I have Pilates today (hope the wooziness doesn't return). Energy has been great, and I hope the less sleep I got last night (stayed up late reading) won't impede my workout.

Be well...


Kelly said...

First, a BIG congratulations on the weigh in. That is so awesome. You're doing fantastic.

I'm going to have to get that book. My dr said I have one of the worst cases of insulin resistance he has seen. Not good. And I can't take the meds for it because they give me chest pains and make me feel terrible. So thank you for the book recommendation. Heading to amazon to add it to my wish list.

Princess Dieter said...

It's a layperson friendly recapitulation of Good Calories, Bad Calories (which really started me thinking that we have the diet message screwed up). He addresses even why some people who are losing/lose weight become marathoners/active. It's not the cause and effect WE THINK, he says. Interesting stuff.

And with the lower starch, the belly fat is now decreasing. It had stuck firm for a couple months, but both waist and hips have come down since I started with the less starch. That's NOT coincidence. That's less insulin...

FatAngryBlog said...

Congrats on your weigh-in!!!

That is awesome!!!

Beth said...


1996 in the time machine, that is incredible, PD. You must feel like a new woman. Congrats.

Will have a look into the book.

Anonymous said...

I read Good Calories, Bad Calories too. I am about 5 years older than you .... and insulin resistant (if you are obese you probably are IR)

I too stalled when I started eating starch, and then started losing when I quit. Calories were the same, results were not.

Jacqui said...

congrats on the weigh in! I am going to check out that book for sure.

Diandra said...

Great weigh-in! And thank you for the book recommendation, I may check it out sometime soon...

Jane Cartelli said...

Awesome job! Keep doing the right thing for your body.

I have had the same experience as you with how my body reacts to carbs. I thought that when I lost over 200 lbs and was no longer obese that I could slowly add some simple carbs back into my food plan. I tried some breads, white rice and the occasional white potato. I cannot do it. Each time I have tried it I have gained over 10 lbs in 3 days just from including a serving of bread and rice or potato each day for a three day period. I weigh and measure all my food so this was not overeating - this was the reaction of my body. I stop the carbs and three days later the weight is back to normal - but if I continued the carbs it would not be long before critical mass was reached and the weight would become harder to lose.

I can live without simple carbs and as long as I accept what they do to me and choose not to consume them I know I have a better than average fighting chance of not gaining back my weight.

I look forward to watching your story progress.


Anne H said...

Love that book, too!
And love having no hunger.
Except for finally being hungry for Living My Life.
Never really had a taste of that until now.
I like it!
Now that the "bittersweet version" is almost done.

Anonymous said...

After reading what you've all said about that book, I am in the process of downloading it to my Kindle. I suspect that it will be very insightful and interesting reading! Thanks for the info!