Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 16 Phase 4 Challenge: Getting Close to the 220s, Another Moonlit Walk with Hubby, Groceries done, And Appetite back to "Challenge Normal"....

Scale: 230.6

Maybe by Sunday's weigh-in, maybe, I can be in the 220's? I'd like that a whole lot.

Eating is very good. The last couple days, I didn't crack 1000 just cause the night munchies have disappeared, so I ate less. Yesterday was 847. Today, I had a good appetite after our evening walk, so I combined dinner with snacks and it was DELICIOUS.

I will need to wean off the Montreal seasoning. I used too much with tonights dinner, and it only just occurred to me that it's very salty. I looked at the cannister, and "coarse salt" is the first ingredient. I'm a dork. I assumed cause a nutritionist recommended it, that it would be lower salt to salt free. Yeah, yeah. I should read ingredients for everything.

Anyway, I bought almost all the Mrs. Dash products at Publix, and some other salt-free seasonings. I've been trying to cut back on my sodium addiction. (I got it bad. Junkie, salt JUNKIE.) So, I may let hubby have the Montreal Seasoning on his stuff and find alternatives for myself. Or just use it sparingly and not every day.

I expect some bloat tomorrow after the super-shake of the stuff tonight. So, I'll go easy on the salty stuff and hope it doesn't halt my excellent progress since Friday.

Our walk was 35 minutes. Beautiful full moon. Beautiful stars. Was humid, but not hot. A mild tinge of coolness in the moist air. For a while, the moon had a gorgeous halo around it. We crossed paths with a very cute Schnauzer and a very old  black pit bull who let the Schnauzer climb all over its head. FUNNY!. I like meeting cute and friendly dogs on our walk. Hubby is totally a dog dude. They LOVE him. They perk up and always want to go to him. If I weren't crazy allergic, I suspect we'd have a passel of pooches. He grew up with a boxer and a schnauzer and, for part of the time, his grandma kept a poodle around. So, he's very natural with doggies. :)

I did my groceries today--and parked at the farthest spot so I had a bit of walking to and fro-- and am restocked with egg whites, veggies, fruit, yogurt, lean protein, and spices. I got ground chicken and want to see if I can make a tasty, herbally pseuco-burger. I never made it at home, though I've had those chicken patties at Pasha's and the Middle Eastern place...chicken adama or somesuch. I like those. Worth a shot.

Yesterday and Today:
~calories below 1200
~water met or exceeded
~walking done today
~mood, excellent; hunger, minimal

I hope your day was great. Feels weird to blog THIS LATE, but, hey, just didn't have the blogging mojo.

Sleep well, fellow fatfighters...


Diandra said...

Aaaah, good old salt... Honestly, I don't like it that much. Everything cooked at home is low in salt, and the BF can season his portion to his salt-addicted heart's desire. I prefer herbs or Indian spice mixtures.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Hey, Princess. It sounds like a wonderful day for you yesterday. My day started out good and I got a lot done in the early part of the day, but then my TMJ flared and I was pretty useless after that. I got in part of my exercise and stuck to the plan though so it is all good. :)

Jacqui said...

I LOVE Mrs. Dash products! My favorites so far are the steak grilling seasoning (done on chicken) and the extra spicy. They didn't have the steak seasoning last time at the store.. made for a very sad trip. Hopefully they will stock it again soon! Even my hubby, who is a salt fiend, likes them. Of course I do put a bit of salt on his. :)

Hoping for a 220 weigh in by Sunday for you!

Big White Granny Panties said...

on my blog i just posted a recipe for that ground chicken that was KILLER GOOD. Thai Chicken Lettuce (or Cabbage is what I used) Wraps. Mine tasted just as good as the ones in my favorite Thai restaurant.

Salt and Fat and Sugar and Alcohol have always been my four food groups. Alcohol is gone. Sugar is gone, but fat and salt - oh baby, that's a hard one. I think that fat and salt and sugar combine and go right to your brain and act like opiates. Dammit why do they taste so goooood? I have been using Bragg's Aminos in place of salt. It's like soy sauce but I don't think it's as sodium filled. The lady on the bottle is totally weird looking but the sauce is dang good.

xo GP

Kelly said...

I think it's so neat that you and hubby walk together. How romantic! :)

The Better Idiot said...

You can break the 220s! Be careful with the low calories though sweetheart, if you're doing 1200 I'd say you need them all.

Beth said...

One more pound to 70 pounds lost and one more pound the roaring twenties! One more pound makes a lot of difference.


It seems we've done an old switcheroo - I would like to cut down below 1200 but am happy and can't get the gumption and you are soaring through on lower calories! lol, we all have seasons for everything, don't we?

I am a total salt fanatic too, I really struggle with it, and right now I've had gherkins (pickles) three days in a row. They are hideously salty but so satisfying. It's amazing how much salt makes things taste better...

Thanks for your comment re the privilege, been very helpful today as I've gone through this day of partay planning.