Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 27 of Phase 4 Challenge: Where we jump around celebrating Japan's win, and where my panties are getting baggy, and where I wanna go out, and where there's not much else to say, really...

Scale: 226.6

Salty cheese x2 uptick. Was hoping to see a nice round 226.0  Weigh-in for Challenge, well, sent it today so I don't risk missing the deadline on Sun noon. 227, rounded up. I believe that's an official 2 lbs gone this week. (Or is it three? Ya know, I gotta check.)

Yeah: 2.2 lbs. Would have been more had I not gone on the Salt Wagon yesterday. :)

Calories: 1194
Exercise: walking, stairs, jumping jacks
Mood: very good
Hunger: minimal to moderate (early versus evening)

Got up earlier than usual to watch Japan kick Aussie butt for the Asia Cup. Hubby found a site to stream the game form Qatar. It's the only team I'd get up for early. I've enjoyed rooting for them since the World Cup. Delighted they won. Rooting hard for my man Eiji (Kawashima, goalie). He's so fierce looking, then so goofy when he smiles when they win. HAH. The Lee guy who got the goal is super cute. Adorable. I imagine schoolgirls with his poster up in their rooms next to J-Pop-pers.

Today is lovely and cool and I wanna go out. Gotta go wash the curls and find underwear that fits (my undies have gotten baggy in the butt).

Other than that, I got nothing. Just wishing us all a great weekend of NOT overeating.

Ja ne...


Anonymous said...

Wow you've lost 73 pounds in total. That is awesome.

FatAngryBlog said...

Excellent losses - and they all add up!

Beth said...

Congrats on the three pounds lost, much better than me - I lost ZERO.

I didn't realise that cheese was so salty, yesterday I didn't drink a 25 cal stock soup drink because the sodium was .14 gms, so I ate a light cheese snack thing and it tasted so salty, I looked at it and it had the same salt content, lol.

I really had no idea that cheese was so salty but I guess when I think of how it's made, of course it's salty!

My husband watches football but I don't really like it unless it's a really good match. I enjoyed watching the world cup with him, most of the matches were pretty good. Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs. D said...

Is it just me, or are you getting MORE sensitive to the sodium too?? I've noticed that when I eat higher levels lately, it seems to affect me much more than it used to.

Congrats on the awesome loss this week!! Time for hubby to take you undies shopping!! ;)

Anne H said...

Hi there - checking in - PD!

Amanda said...

Congrats on the loss! Its always funny to say that on weight loss blogs.

Looking for suggestions on music to listen to when I work out. My resolution for 2011 is to find more high energy music than the normal Top 40 stuff. While searching for music I found this video, its pretty funny. Wait until the end for a url to get the song for free:

Music suggestions welcome. Any songs you can’t go to the gym without?

Princess Dieter said...

Mmm... didn't like that video. Not high energy, either. Not for me. I'd fall asleep if they played that during exercise. I tend to hit Kaskade, BT, Tiesto, Delirium, assorted house/dance/electronica in Pilates, as well as J-Rock (which I love), particularly Vamps/Hyde or L'Arc En Ciel, anime themes. Anything that says "get moving, keep moving, and you're a warrior-dancer!" :)

Laryssa said...

Congrats on the loss! You keep on doing what you're doing now ... it's working.

Only in internetland do we share panties info but .... you should try's AvenueBody seamless panties. You can get them a smaller size than what you wear and they stretch nicely without being uncomfortable or going up your butt or anywhere else. ;) That way, you can have them last longer than if you bought them in your current size and outgrew them in a couple of months. They are kinda costly but in the store (I have one locally) they always have sales.

I can't believe I'm commenting about panties and butts! LOL