Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 15 Phase 4 Challenge: Tornado Watch, Appetite, Exercise plans for the day, Mellow MLK Day Otherwise...

Scale still going down...

Calories: 962 (Wasn't hungry, so instead of a dinner, just had a small snack)
Water: met
Exercise: Walking, Whoopie, a little Dance Central on Kinect
Mood: excellent!

I'm a wee bit miffed at the weather...

We were gonna do a mini-cruise today (have a coupon, wanna use it), but the tornado watch in our area pretty much just killed that idea.

I do need to do some groceries (produce gets used up fast), but I'll leave it to tomorrow. I don't wanna go out and then have to bring in the goods in a downpour should we get hit hard.

This time of year, we do sometimes get tornadoes. It's not enough we have hurricane season June through November, right? No, now we're in the tornado-worrisome time. We lost half of our beloved gardenia bush one winter. A storm wind event (tornado hit a couple miles north) cracked it right in two. One half survives and still gives me blooms a couple times a year. :)

I will look on the bright side. My dry lawn grass may get a nice drenching.

I guess I'll do strengthening exercises today since we may be stuck indoors for the day. I noticed COMCAST has a couple Jackie Warner workouts. I may attempt one. :-O

I wish you all a happy MLK Day. Use the great man as an inspiration. Think of all the very hard things he had to do to move towards his goal of a more equal society.

Move towards your goals today, be they weight or other-related. Make them happen.

:::looks up toward Heaven::: Thank you, Rev King. Today, we remember your strength, vision, and courage. We still look forward to the day when skin color means squat and it's all about character.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Glad you are having such a good day, Princess. Other than the weather, I mean. It is just cloudy and gray here. Very depressing really. I don't know what the forecast is saying but I should probably go check it out just in case there is more snow on the way. I'm done with snow though. Really. We did the grocery thing last night.I'm sincerely glad that is done for the next couple of weeks. Just working on exercise today and chilling.:)

Kelly said...

Tornadoes scare me to death. I've been through a few and it ws not funny.

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the Jackie Warner exercises. I bought 3 of her DVDs and watched some of one of them. I got sore just watching it! Looks tough.

Big White Granny Panties said...

I grew up in Oklahoma. I now live in the mountains and I know that it's sick and sad and wrong, but I really miss those big scary storms.

Oklahoma childhood was full of eating Tex Mex and Hamburgers and Fast Food and no exercise (it's either too windy or too hot I used to say). And not I'm in my 40's and need to drop this weight and your journey is just totally inspiring! How did you make that weight ticker thingie go on your blog? I am a Blog Newbie. I typically use the computer for looking up fattening recipes. You can see this is going to be a challenge for me. Thanks for letting me follow you!

Julie said...

I just looked at the post before this and WOW are you beautiful. You are doing so great. Keep up the great work. Don't have to many days with those calories being that low, it's not good for you.
I'll take our -25 to your tornado's and all. Be safe.
Take care and God Bless!!

Beth said...

Wow, Mrs. Skinny, you are really flying here, you are doing so well on the food front. And the pictures were amazing, you've got great legs!

And one thing that I never ever missed when moving here was the tornadoes. There is no dramatic weather here and no snakes. Who wouldn't want to live here? Of course it gets dark at 3:30 during hte winter but still, it stays light till 10:00pm during the summer.

Hope there are no tornadoes.

And whoopie - did you say whoopie?! Makes me think of the Newlywed game! LOL.

Have a great tornado free day. (And have you ordered a T?)

Anne H said...

Happy Belated MLK Day!
And stay away from tornados!
They always "win."

Pretty Pauline said...

Love your last line. Thank you.

Patrick said...

Tornadoes in january? That does not sound fair! Just how many calories does Whoopie burn? Not that I care, it could have a negative effect and Whoopie would happen.

Katie J said...

Eeeek! I have no concept as I have been a Cali gal all my life.

Just wanted to mention to you that I was adopted and recently discovered my bio family so I was thinking if I included the weight loss it could be called Lost and Found ;-) So many ways to spin that you know what I mean.

Thanks for your comment. It meant a lot to me and was a ray of sunshine on my gray day.