Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 6 Phase 4: Recap of Yesterday's Challenge Particulars, The Vexing Scale, Exercise, Sore Butt, Primo Poops, Great Mood, Not Hungry on Waking, Plumbing Frustrations, Food Temptation Tomorrow at 3 Kings Day Belated Celebration, and it's Walk Day!

The second week of 2011 BEGINS....and I wake up....and I get on the scale cause I
sometimes get Allan my weigh-in result prior to Sunday so I don't miss the deadline...and...

Huh. Hmm.



I guess I'll wait till tomorrow and see if I can erase this from my memory...with a better result.

235.2 is .2 lbs MORE than last Sunday's official challenge start. MORE! (Culprit: Ham steak for dinner, maybe? 100 calories but like 800 sodium grams? But I had potato with it, and that has balancing potassium, AND I took 2 potassium supplements as well and drank 3 cups green tea.)

I'm glad I fortified myself with Beth's comment in my previous post this AM. Because what she said is true. Anyone who has dieted for any extended period of time (ie, more than a couple months) knows the weirdnesses and the whooshes and the retentions and the retrograde wackiness.

I think I moped for all of 10 minutes then got on to making my ON PLAN breakfast. Interesting phenomenon: Not very hungry.

Yesterday: Calories 1277. Water: Done +  Exercise: Squats and torso raises. (I can't do side lunges, period, so I do side lunge "equivalents"--ie, exercises that work THOSE muscles--with my trainer on Monday and Thursdays to spare my damaged knees/ankle.) Hunger: hungry on awakening, no weird hunger at night. The protein emphasis on the later snack helped loads, I think, with me waking up food-calm.

Exercise note: I had gotten a phone call after doing my squats (oh, lawdy, oh, lawdy, ouchie), and got sidetracked. Realized shortly before bedtime I never did my torso raises, so I got my mat out, got on the floor, and did my 4 sets of 10. Yes!  I also did tabletop leg divided The Hundred, some roll ups and roll downs, some crunches, and some stretches. Figured might as well while I was down there anyway....


I'm sitting on a fluffy pillow as I type. Seriously. Owie. Isn't that great? I love being exercise sore (as long as I can, ya know, MOVE).  If you aren't sore the day after exercising, let's face it, you didn't work it. Not pain--pain as in you hurt your joint or pulled a muscle. No...soreness. Soreness that said you stressed that muscle and it's gonna build up more tissue. Yes! More muscle. Give me MORE muscle!

While my butt may be sore, my poops are great. If you're following the Phase 4 Packet,  you shouldn't be having poop issues (like I did on the low carb at times). Man, I go like 4 times a it. Love cleaning things out.

Speaking of Cleaning Out: We had the plumber here day before yesterday to unclog a big clog. Now hubby and the exterminator, on the rounds of the building, noticed some sort of water leak in the back/side. Oh, gosh, another plumber visit. The cost of plumbers is numbing, but got no choice. I'm scared the leak may end up being a costly thing. Egads....I want to win the Lottoa nd have a custom made, spanking new home with indestructible pipes. How much is that? ; )

So, today's requirement, besides the 1200 cals and the 143 oz water is to WALK. So, today, sometime after cable man/plumber/exterminator trifecta--we walk! (I wonder if all those bathroom runs add up to some sort of exercise?)

Tomorrow it's our belated Christmas, so I assume some food temptations will be around. I plan to just take my own stuff. Makes life easier, frankly. I don't even want to look at fancy food right now. I'll take presents and probably the salad/yogurt or sandwich option (easiest to carry) and some hummus/carrots for my snack (as we'll stay longer than just one meal). Hubby loves sammies and salads and carrots and hummus, so with enough for two, we're covered, foodwise and can focus on playing Scrabble, video games, backyard toss/catch or whatever the kids are running around doing. As Allan says, it's about family, NOT food, even if it's BELATED, that's still how it is.

I hope today you have a kinder scale than I do, and that we all keep our zen calm as we face each meal/snack/temptation.


Allan said...

I looked for Ham Steak in the packet... And if you are following it.... Yada Yada... Don't blame the messenger...

Princess Dieter said...

I mentioned last post that I and had to cook it...but it was extra lean and 100 calories for 3 oz, and I didn't go over 450 for supper. I can't have seafood, and due to thyroid issues, minimal tofu...leaves me few choices, so occasionally, I gotta substitute a lean protein for chicken/turkey/egg. And yes, a deviation. But not a major one and I had been having scale issues even on absolutely packet perfect days.... But the salt content could easily be to blame. Although I always eat on the salty side, soooo...why now? I admit it, I'm a sodium-fiend, but I always have been and I salt my eggs and salt my tomatoes on salad, even on big losing weeks. It is not something new for me to eat salty.... If I could eat seafood, damn, this would be so much easier. I don't much like turkey and chicken gets old day in and day out. Thank God I love eggs/egg whites.

Diandra said...

I'm not sure whether it's been in the exercise instructions, so I'll add it here - sometimes exercise will seem to slow down weight loss. Your electrolytes need to adjust, your water intake should increase (0.5litres for every 30 minutes of workout, experts say) and although you're burning fat, you're building muscle at the same time and thus may loose inches and not weight.

(I am not claiming that you built .2lbs of surplus muscle in a few days, that's for the long run... but the other points might explain things... or it was just a bad scale luck day.)

Julie said...

Good afternon Ms Princess. The scale hates me too and I really thought I was doing pretty good. Not perfect mind you but pretty good, at least until I had fried sweet potato fries last night. Next week is going to be my week. I am going to follow Allan's plan word for word, exercise for exercise and move that scale in the right direction. I've been with Allan for 11 week, lost 13 lbs and know I can do more and better.
You can do this, I know you can. I know I can!!! Hang in there.
Take care and God Bless!!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Princess, I feel ya on the weight gain. I flicked around the first few days of this week, but then got back on track on Wednesday but still have a 6 pound gain from Sunday's weight in. I am NOT a happy camper. I'm hoping my lack of BM in several days may lower the gain some. Constipation issues are just a major part of life after gastric bypass. I have been furious to see gaining even after sticking to the plan. In fact, since I got back on track, I'm staying under 900 calories. WTF is up with gaining on THAT? Anyway, tomorrow will not be a happy weigh in but I'm not giving up.

Anne H said...

LoCarb never caused any "poop" problems for me....
thanks for sharing
Even tho I don't have my gallbladder and supposedly can't handle all the fats.... my body thrives on it, though! Fats. Not... the other....

Beth said...

Yay for the total weight lost ticker thingy! 65 pounds!

Stick it out, the weight will come off. Just don't let those numbers do a song and dance in your head. They certainly would in mine and irony of all ironies, they propel me to want to eat more. Fantastically clever, I tell ya.


lv2 said...

Thanks for your comment, i'm just trying to do the lunges as best i can.....just dont remember my old exercises enough to substitute and to be honest, i could do stuff like that fine at that time. this is one of the times that i think that getting old is the pits..all the old injuries come back to haunt me and the arthritis just hurts with the cold....well thats all the whining allowed and heres to hoping that tomorrows weigh in is better for you.