Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What 252 Lbs Looks Like on Me--AKA-- facing the fat without filters

I am the type of person who needs photos to shock me. I had the reverse of what some other bloggers relate: I see myself in mirrors as SMALLER than I am. My brain makes me think I look better than I do, fatwise.

I need photos to remind me how big and apple-y I am. In fact, it has always been the shock of pics (family pics, especially) that reminds me I am a morbidly obese female. In the mirror, I prolly see 40 lbs fewer than reality. I got a different sort of body dysmorphic thing. I see less fat, not more.

That's why though it's really hard to share pics of myself in clingy, unprotective workout wear in my fat bod, I force myself to do it. I mean, some of those pics I posted under "Phat Pilates" are horrifying (my messy hair, bunched up belly!)  But it's how I have to shock myself into staying on my eating plan.

Okay, so there it is. My latest pics from the trainer (taken last week, but I was lazy about uploading).

Why does she always take the AFTER the workout when my hair's a mess? hahahaha


Allan said...

After the workout is the best line,,,, And that is awesome...

Tena said...

I do the same thing, looking in the mirror I just kinda glaze over my reflection and don't really see ALL of me. Your picture could be me! That's about what 252 looks like on me, too.

And you look great for after a workout!

We're doin it!

Lanie Painie said...

I love your hair!

I have the same issue with mirrors. Photos, ugh. yucky. not good. they are so darn honest.

You look great to me. Keep up the good work!

Ann (-22 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

That's me too - I am always unpleasantly "surprised" when I see myself in a photo. UGH. LOL Well, you look good IN THE GYM -- awesome place for a picture! And you may be an apple, but you managed to hang onto the hourglass outline. I bet you'll be smokin' when you get closer to your goal. So, right now, you are a smokin'-babe-in-progress. Keep up the good work!!