Saturday, October 9, 2010

Motivation Mojo: Looking to those who've done it already...and "Refuse to Regain"!

So, I added a blog to my blogroll: Lynn's Weigh.

I'm on a quest this weekend not just to STAY ON PLAN, but to keep to my vision by seeking inspiration in the journey of those who made it to maintenance status (ie, lost it and are keeping it off).

I got the idea from browsing for inspirational material. I happened upon a book called REFUSE TO REGAIN (which I added a sample to my Kindle and was reading it today). That book, in turn, was written by a smart cookie, professional gal who also has an informative blog (one I found via a link from Allan's blog). A foreword by Lynn of that blog that I added to my blogroll and mentioned  in the first sentence of this post  (see link above) had me look her up.

Lynn lost 168 lbs and she's been holding that loss for years. Right now, she's challenging herself to lose 5 lbs she regained post-surgically. (Oh, what a blessing to only worry about 5 pounds.)

You might find both ladies and their blogs/writings inspiring.

So, I plan to buy the book (REFUSE TO REGAIN)) because the tough rules for keeping it off are no doubt useful for the tough rules to get it off. And life "after happy weight" is not gonna be a piece of cake (er, literally and figuratively).

I don't want to be the least bit unrealistic. I wanna keep believing it will come off and I will be one of those who has to maintain the loss. There is no WonderLand where one is magically skinny for life (unless one was born blessed with the superduper metabolism). For those of us go GOT FAT, getting to a healthy weight is hard hard hard hard hard hard, and keeping it off is hard hard hard hard hard harder. Harder cause there is no end point other than the grave. A diet can be limited in scope and finite. Keeping it off is....a job with no vacations (although there are coffee breaks). It's for life.

And with 98% of dieters regaining--according to just about every stat/study I've seen-- it's a very good and realistic thing to see what life "after" is going to be like and not be silly dreamers about the "Magic Time."

No fairytale for fatties. Sorry. (ie, we don't get the magic bag with calorie-free food from the YumYum Fairy when we're done as a reward. I wish. But, nah. we don't.)

So, off to download a new book to the Kindle.

Here's to a Smile-filled and Slimming Saturday to us all!

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