Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kirstie Alley Loses 50 Pounds. Big Yawn... What's REALLY Interesting? Regular Janes Who do it!

I don't know about y'all, but when some rich, pampered celebrity loses weight (for the umpteenth time), it's just not a big deal. Not to the rest of us who don't have chefs, trainers, assistants, and oodles of money at our disposal to go to whatever doctor, spa, bootcamp of our desires or just to set up a 1000 sq ft home gym with all the trimmings.

I mean, if I were rich, I could just go to some super-luxurious dieting spa for a whole summer and lose 50 pounds while having my pedicures, manicures, hair treatments, eyebrow threading, and whatever nips and tucks a celebrity needs to stay in the game.  All with maid and laundry service and plush robes and soothing music and gorgeous scenery. Big whoops. How hard can THAT be?

She lost, what, 75 pounds on Jenny Craig? Now she's lost 50 on her Organic Liaison.

I'll be impressed if she made 45K a year, had to exercise on her own or in a gym class with a bunch of other sweaty regular janes, had to cook her own meals AND the meals of others in her household who weren't on a diet, had to resist temptation without a bunch of cheerleaders and therapists (or auditors, whatever) at her beck and call. And if she kept it off for 5+ years.

Lots of regular Joe and Jane bloggers online have lost a lot more, kept it off for years, and had to struggle to do it with small budgets, tending to family needs, without household help,  and pressed hard for personal time to exercise and cook. THOSE people impress me. A lot. You are my inspiration, y'all!

Celebrity with dieting entourage making moolah from products and a tv show during her weight loss efforts...again? Yeah, right...uimpressed.

I wonder how the viewership was for the show. Is? Is it still on? I know I lost interest fast, just as I did for the Carnie Wilson one.

I think TBL, as over-the-top and crazy as it is--and for the money that show makes, they should give everyone who makes it to the final 6 100K and the winner 1 million!--at least shows regular folks getting the special attention every celebrity has access to (hardcore trainers, dietitians, setting). They pay for their access to all that with humiliation and absence of family--tough prices, but worth it for those who take advantage for their losses.

Trust me. If I hit the lottery, I'd be making an appointment at some in-patient weight loss luxury locale before I can count my cash. And if the lottery was big enough, I'd have meals cooked for me in a lovely cozy kitchen. And my Pilates trainer would come daily in the AM. And I'd have cognitive therapy a couple times a week.

I see no excuse for staying obese if you have every tool at your disposal barring some serious trauma thing that's linked to food.

Me, I may have physiological reasons that would be a huge obstacle to lithe slenderness, but I'm obese cause I'm just lazy and eat too much. Yep. I sit too much and eat too much. And I like to eat what's easy cause I hate to cook (ie, takeout, delivery). But I've always done well if there was "authority" over me--be it nuns or a trainer. If I had someone there every day saying "This is what you'll eat" , that's what I'd eat.

I consistently exercise cause my lazy ass does what my trainer says. Something in me wants to make the goals externally set for me by a person in "authority". Maybe that's from Catholic School training. :)  If I had a spa chef at my disposal, I'd eat low-cal tasty spa food and be happy. If I had a daily trainer telling me to move my butt, I'd move my butt. (If I could afford it, I'd pay for that NOW.)

I do see where therapy is called for as I do have compulsive and neurosis issues,  but really, once you have the tools and helpers, if you can't lose weight and get healthier (and I don't mean skinny as a rail, I just mean healthy, even if some chub, as I don't believe a bit extra fat is a big deal), then there's something else going on (spiritual, mental, emotional, ethical,  whatever) that needs to be addressed. It's not just about food or movement at that point, if you've got a cook and a trainer and an assistant and a maid that takes care of everything mundane for you. It's something else.

What that 'else" is, in me or Kirstie or anyone else,  I won't guess, though I do consider it my job to self-analyze. I'm sure I have stuff lurking inside I"m not as clued in about as I'd like, though I am hugely introspective. (Which is a depressing thing, as we introspective types see so many of our faults, we then start loathing ourselves a bit. I suspect narcissists never introspect. Ugly stuff in the human innards.)

Well, how ranty did I get? Sorry.

I just hate seeing all the glowing applause and kudos to the celebrity dieter when the no-name ones out there--well, some have names on their blogs--do it without fanfare, without big compensation, without photoshopping their progress pics, without chefs or trainers, without make-up artists. Who just show their gradual and sometimes stunning transformations in simple smartphone shots. Who are making changes big and small to what they eat and how they move for life. Who don't get standing ovations on Oprah for showing off pounds lost. THOSE people impress me and keep me going on days when it feels like too much, because they are the majority of us struggling against the temptations. The stay-at-home mom. The busy doctor. The teacher. The restaurant employee. The mechanic. The farmer. The farmer's wife.

You guys who lost it and kept it off, or who are still losing it, but losing lots and giving us tips and encouragement on your blogs: You are my heroes.


Ann (-17 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

I'M giving you fanfare!! You've done a terrific job so far ... (now putting on my best authority voice) ... Keep up the good work, that's an order!


I'm with you, the celebrity thing isn't that interesting. They do get media attention though, which is why they are selected (for product attention and sales, sales, sales). One guy we know was all "inspired" when Drew Carey came out this summer, 80 lbs slimmer. So far, the "inspiration" has led to ZERO changes for the guy we know. So, how much celebrities influence the general population is up for debate, if we can gauge anything by this acquaintance's reaction.

GGV said...

THANK YOU for this blog. I completely agree. With all those amenities at my disposal, I think losing weight would feel like vacation!! At the very least, it wouldn't be the constant time-juggling struggle it is now. Great insights. :)