Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best of Plans, Not Best of Actions




That's how many calories I had YESTERDAY! 80% of my good intentions were blow out the birthday window.

I didn't eat the gumdrops. I didn't eat the Kit Kats spread out on the table around the birthday cake. I didn't eat the rice. I tried not to notice the Cuban bread, and I resisted its siren call. I didn't drink the sugary cokes standing around.

I served myself chicken breast and salad, skipped the dressing, but did cave on the tamale and major-comfort-food tostones.

I did eat 4 diffident bites of said birthday cake after niece cut a small, small slice for me.

That after I went so psyched. My hair looked good, my makeup was smooth, and I fit into one of my "goal" outfits. Size 22 jeans. (I fit into a previous identical style but size 24 jeans not that long ago. I bought the 22s at the same time.) Hubby complimented me. I felt purdy. I got comments about how I lost weight. I had packed my protein shakes and sucralose drops.

And then I slipped, bit by bit from the plan.

What's amazing to me is how LITTLE I ate (compared to bashes past), how much I had to STOP myself from "that little bit more", and yet now MUCH it added up to. I mean, to have to use that much energy to pull back,  and yet still cave here and there...damn. I have far to go before I sleep. Miles.

Yah, sure, if I used to eat 3500 to 4000 calories at parties, half seems like a lot less. But from the perspective of a "goal weight eater" that's almost 400 above my limit--which means it's enough to regain over a short amount of time if I were goal weight and ate like that.

Won't break it down for each meal--I'm still bleary from all the sodium from supper, but not one meal I ate went over 1000 calories. But it doesn't take a binge to gain. It simply takes more than one off plan meal.

One of those meals was Chinese (we took our nephew out to a comic book/anime store and then to one of his fave restaurants for late supper).

I wanted to weep that I couldn't have my usual "past fat eating" faves, and still I went over plan. Damn.

Anyway, scale says 250.8

The only reason it isn't showing more Chinese food bloat is cause I drank tons of tea and lots of water (12 glasses) and hit the potassium (green magma, coconut water). That's 1 pound up scale-wise from Friday's new low.

I feel beyond embarrassed. I feel foolish.

I want to see the 240's again fast!

Already told hubby no nice Sunday dinner outing. It's stay home and start making up for the overage. Lots of water! Lots of tea! Roasted chicken and protein shakes and papaya for debloating.

I think I had a deficit in calories for the week until yesterday--so I need to calculate how much I need to make up (if any) of if I just start clean slate. Not sure. Will look at my caloric totals and see.

The DDDY Challenge weigh-in is tomorrow, no? (First weigh-in was on a Monday, so I'm assuming).

Anyway, glad there isn't a family birthday party for a few weeks. Sigh.


Blubeari said...

It happens to the best of us. :-) Talking about it helps, so I have no doubt you'll bounce back.

spunkysuzi said...

Never fear, you'll bounce back!! I have no doubt your going to have a great week.

Kimberly said...

Okay, you had a bad day. It happens. We all have days where we go "what was I thinking?"

Now forget about it and have a great day today.

Skinny people overeat too from what I've noticed, then they buckle down and eat lighter in the coming days to make up for it.

You will see the 240s again.

Ann (-22 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Princess, this was a very good learning post (for all of us)! This is a good reminder to be watchful. It really doesn't take much to mess up a good plan, as it turns out. Thank you for posting this!! I know it was painful for you to go through, but you'll recover in good order. I think this was just the post to read, heading into the holidays.

AWESOME about the size 22s ... I feel that way about reaching the 24s (hoping before Thanksgiving).

Keep up the good work, and don't beat yourself up over the birthday festivities. It is a learning experience, and you actually had great self-control through all those temptations!

Onward and downward ...